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About Australian Investment Education

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Australian Investment Education (AIE) was founded in 1999 after identifying the strong unmet need in the industry for retail investors and traders to access quality knowledge and resources about the markets to gain the same competitive advantage that big institutions have always enjoyed. AIE is Australia’s leading trader and investor coaching, mentoring and advisory organisation. Providing a total start to finish, turnkey solution for everyday people who are either looking to invest or trade the markets successfully, or looking for peace of mind and more control of their trading and investing. AIE is a central, one-stop resource for everything related to trading education and development. Our primary goal is to provide service and support – working in partnership with our clients – through face to face support and through our state of the art technology ensuring our clients can grow at the pace they chose and most importantly, in a style they are comfortable with.Unlike most educators, AIE offers an extensive range of ongoing support, coaching, mentoring and advisory services. Our education programs are not the finish line, they are where our partnership with you begins. We provide a unique and totally seamless integration from start to finish – with our education and support meshing with our easy to use and highly competitive brokerage facility. For our clients, this means that there are no gaps in their trading journey – making the AIE process one of the easiest ways to get started in the markets.

Because of the structure and model of our business, our objectives and successes are only met, when our clients succeed. As such, we aren’t in business with our clients, we are in partnership. As your needs change, or grow, so to will our support and solutions for you change to meet these needs. Our success over the last decade has come from caring about our clients and their success and working in partnership with them to achieve their trading goals.

AIE has always focused on making it easier for people to successfully access markets. Through our proprietary trading app, EasyTrade®, our clients enjoy the easiest trading access to markets available today. Imagine a world with no execution risk, no time consuming and stressful learning of a new platform and no system crash – well imagine no more – EasyTrade® is the answer!

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