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Grange Capital Management Growth Plus Fund

What to do Next

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Read and follow the steps on the Fund’s PDS

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Submit the form below to automatically request your trading funds to be invested into the Fund

Done For You

As you know, at AIE we have pioneered one of the easiest to use services in the market place, helping investors get into the market more safely, simply and with confidence.

One question I get asked more than any thing is “Can you just do this for me?” and to support this, we offer a done for you service, where effectively, all of the hard work is “done for you”.

The answer is “Yes” and the Growth PLUS fund is your vehicle for having things totally done for you!

What is the Fund

The GCM Growth PLUS Fund is a fully ASIC regulated (ARSN120 328 823)investment fund that invests primarily in the Covered Call Strategy, across the US and Australian Stock Markets.

By virtue of its size, the Fund will enable our clients to gain better exposure to a broader range of trading opportunities than what they could typically expect to achieve via an individual account.



Covered Calls typically require around $8-$10k in position size, more in the US, given the Exchange Rate, which can often mean, even with a reasonable sized account, investors can be left focused on a handful of trades, increasing risk dramatically. By trading through this Fund Structure, we can provide a broader range of diversification, reducing risk and providing the potential for greater upside.

Smaller account balances

For clients looking to start with smaller account balances, Covered Calls, our preferred strategy can simply be out of reach. As a result, getting started with a smaller amount can often require leveraged trading, to boost the funds. While this is a legitimate strategy, using leverage by its very nature, increases the risk profile, and we are not fans of higher risk! The Fund will enable you to invest in the Covered Call strategy even with relatively low investment amounts, which provides the benefit of a great strategy to those for whom it has previously been out of reach.

Risk Management

Being able to more actively manage risk is a huge bonus for investors in the Fund. Alongside our regular stop/loss strategies, the Fund may also engage in a more dynamic risk management approach including strategies such as Stock Repair, Buying of Puts and Hedging out currency fluctuations on US transactions. The collective benefits from these and more are huge, enabling a far more palatable risk profile for our clients.

Special Situations

From time to time, special situations and opportunities present themselves in the market place, rewarding the nimble and flexible investor. Under the Current Standing Order mandates, our hands are tied, in terms of being able to take advantage of these, without needing to call you first. A missed opportunity is as good as a loss and through this new structure, we can now take quicker more effective trading decisions to help boost returns.

Lower Transaction Fees

It is well known in markets that the marginal cost of trading – brokerage rates, that is, are higher for lower account sizes than their higher counterparts. Through this Fund structure, all clients will benefit from economies of scale for transaction fees, adding more potential return to your bottom line.

Alignment of objectives

Through the Fund’s performance fee structure, we will only be paid, when you make money. No Win, No Fee – enough said!

How to Invest

Like everything we do, we want to make this easy for you. Please note that we will no longer be operating the current Standing Order System, as at 29th February 2016.

As a result, we recommend that you immediately switch to this new facility, and move those funds automatically and directly into the Fund. We have made this very simple.

What to do Next

Step One
Read and follow the steps on the Fund’s PDS

Step Two
Submit the form below to automatically request your trading funds to be invested into the Fund

Fund Particulars

The Fund is the Grange Capital Management Growth PLUS Fund and this is registered with ASIC (ARSN120 328 823).

For all Questions or queries, call us now, on +617 5585 4200

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