If you own shares that are worth less than what you paid, you really need to read this…


With the end of the Australian Financial Year, June 30th, just around the corner, many investors are looking to get the most out of the opportunity it presents for gaining benefit right now. And if you are currently holding shares on the ASX that are lower than the price you have purchased them, there are… Read More

Could Grexit be just around the corner? The European Union is on the verge of losing its first member


For the last 6 years, Greece has been a country burdened with bad debt and the threat of default on loans that will take more than a few generations to pay back. During that time, the economy has failed to improve, and again Greece is potentially on the verge of defaulting on its loan obligations,… Read More

A leading Australian Stock Broker goes bust! Is your money safe?


When you put your hard earned money into an account with your broker, most investors are prepared for fluctuating markets and even the rare stock market crash. But this week has seen an exceptionally rare event create turmoil amongst Australian investors. One of the country’s largest independent stock broking firms has gone into administration, leaving… Read More

The 6 Options Strategies you need to know about

Options Trading Strategies

At AIE, we are options trading strategies specialists and our goal is simple – to empower you with the education, tools and confidence you need, to put to work option strategies in the market place. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with tens of thousands of traders and investors, just like… Read More

Helping you with smoother investment returns and How to avoid Australia’s own property calamity in one simple process


Following up on last weeks Spanish article, this week, further travelling  has revealed some critically important lessons that Australian investors can use to better select and avoid what surely must be a calamity in the making for those unaware. Driving down from Barcelona to Valencia, Spain’s second largest city, I took a detour through several… Read More

Infinite growth economies to morph into circular economies


Let me ask you a question, what is Australia going to look like in 20 years time? You have a problem, grab a pen and note down these 2 videos, they are a must watch: National Press Club Address by Catherin Livingstone The Challenge of Change Intelligence is refreshing right?! These insights shape my stock… Read More