How to remain a profitable stock market investor, even in times of market turmoil…

Market Turmoil

Making money from the stock market has nothing to do with forecasting, it has everything to do with responding! Turbulent times that we have recently witnessed have really shaken things up. Prices have moved down, many investors’ confidence has been shattered and if you believe the media, the World is getting sucked down the “plug… Read More

If you want to avoid a lifestyle and retirement catastrophe, you had better be ready for this market crash

Market Crash 2015

If you want to avoid a lifestyle and retirement catastrophe, you had better be ready for this market crash. While this may sound a bit dramatic, ask anyone who got smashed in the GFC what they would have done differently and when, being prepared for this one makes a lot of sense… As a point… Read More

Imagine if it actually was bad news for Apple, the World’s largest company?

Apple Inc (AAPL)

When the world’s largest company announces a sharp increase in sales and a sharp increase in profits, you would most likely expect a strong move in the share price, right? Indeed this week, Apple’s share price did respond with a sharp move in its share price – a downward one! This kind of move can… Read More

Is the stock market about to collapse and what can you do about it?

Share Market Crash

For many investors, particularly those holding direct shares or approaching retirement, the GFC was a catastrophe that decimated their net worth. The plunge in the share market knocked billions off share prices and changed the retirement plans of a generation. That was back in 2007 and many of them never recovered, despite the stock market… Read More

If you own shares that are worth less than what you paid, you really need to read this…


With the end of the Australian Financial Year, June 30th, just around the corner, many investors are looking to get the most out of the opportunity it presents for gaining benefit right now. And if you are currently holding shares on the ASX that are lower than the price you have purchased them, there are… Read More

Could Grexit be just around the corner? The European Union is on the verge of losing its first member


For the last 6 years, Greece has been a country burdened with bad debt and the threat of default on loans that will take more than a few generations to pay back. During that time, the economy has failed to improve, and again Greece is potentially on the verge of defaulting on its loan obligations,… Read More

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