Uranium markets will Boom

No matter what your political or emotional perspective towards Nuclear Energy, reality is that the world needs electricity and will only need more in the future. Electricity is a necessity, just like food and water. Without it, society cannot function and would in-fact revert to an apocalyptic world! In this article, we take a look… Read More

The China Boom

Investing in stocks that have strong trade with China is a very sound investment decision. You don’t need to be Einstein to realise that the massive amount of construction in China requires insurmountable amounts of raw materials, labour and skilled professionals. But for how long will this Boom last? Riding the coat tails of this… Read More

Stagflation in a 2-speed economy

Australia’s recent GDP figures triggered an additional downwards shift in the markets. Although it was highly anticipated that the aftermath of the QLD floods and the Japanese tsunami had a dramatic impact on Exports, investors were shocked by the -1.2% figure for the 1st quarter of 2011. This was the first negative result since the… Read More

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