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Trade Options in the market place :
Generating “Up front” Income

Avoid the masses that are missing out on potential income opportunities and join those that are trading for monthly returns using options.

From: Andrew Baxter Wednesday 10.20am

Hello Friend,

Have you ever wondered how much money you will need to have for you to have a comfortable lifestyle when you retire? Assuming you retire at the age of 65 an article* estimated that the average Australiancouple would need about $1.05 million to live comfortably on $56,339 a year after retirement. I don't mean to scare you but how close to that are you? And that is without the Government dipping in for another slice!

As you probably know, the markets have been a dangerous place to invest, for some people, lately. You've seen the horror-stories over the last few years. Hopefully you're not one of them. Most of the heartache for those that experienced loses during these trying times was due to speculation and the assumption that "luck" or a "quick prayer" would have the cards fall in their favour, with absolutely no guarantee of a return.

List of the lump sum amounts that you need when you retire

But it's not just retail investors that didn't fare so well. Even some of the big players made investments and produced low returns if not, negative returns, for their clients.

Put simply, it's like throwing money into a wishing well and crossing your fingers hoping to make a return.

BUT, and this is a big BUT. In the last few years there have also been many Australians who have been able to leverage their return and through applying simple trading strategies to their investments, are now far closer to their financial goals!

I'm sure you've heard this before...

The Stock Market is Designed to
Transfer Money from the Uneducated
to the Educated

My big question to you is why not become educated?

Case Study 1 Cash Flow Trading Options
Options Trading

While almost everyone is making their lucky guesses and making bets, a handful of “educated traders and investors” are sitting on the other side collecting premiums by trading options, and applying tried and tested strategies that have the potential to make regular monthly returns, while the less educated people are taking the big risks.

Obviously, in this case “education” is a serious advantage to have. That's why most of the “educated” investors want to keep this information to themselves.

But you too can learn these strategies. And I'm going to give you an opportunity to do that and all you have to do is make the choice.

Andrew Baxter

My name is Andrew Baxter, and I have been a market professional for almost 19 years.

Starting my career in London, and working for two major institutions, through to being an owner and director of an ASX market participant, I have traded a very wide variety of markets, all over the world. During this time, and through my

education business, Australian Investment Education, I have had the privilege of educating and empowering thousands of every-day people on how to trade their own money more effectively - if you will, the strategies and risk management for winning in the market place.

That's why I am giving you the opportunity to get educated about the options available for you to generate “upfront” trading profits, by inviting you to my event “Winning in the market place: how to generate Up front income”

The truth is most investors are missing
out on great trading opportunities because they
do not know how the professionals use the
market to generate income, regularly

For more than a decade, our coaching program has been empowering retail traders and investors to overcome most of the obstacles which stop people from succeeding in the market. Obstacle like:

  • Not Keeping it simple and just getting it done
  • Not having time or being busy will be a thing of the past - you only need minutes per month
  • Having a small amount of trading capital doesn't have to be an issue
  • Not having the strategy or game plan it takes to succeed
  • Not having the right knowledge and more importantly confidence to take action

How Options Made Easy could increase
your profitability in the market place.

Options Strategy

This strategy is unlike anything most people have ever been exposed to. It's basically put the whole concept of trading on its head because it allows investors to become more strategic, aiming for a monthly return on their investment, almost irrespective of market direction.

Case Study 2 Trading Options for Retirement

Small, but regular monthly income is what we are trading for. Sometimes this is on the same parcel of shares, other times, it is on a new batch that I have bought - whether they are US or Australian - it doesn't matter because I am simply looking to generate extra trading income! It's all about having choice.

Of course... there's a LOT more to it than what I have shared here, and as with all trading activity, there is always the possibility of losing trades. And in this workshop I am going to reveal everything you need to know to get started trading these strategies. These will include all of the TIPS, TECHNIQUES, & MINDSET to potentially generate extra trading income AND manage your risk.

In this 2 hour session you will discover:

  • Why most investors fail because they don't actually know what they want from their investing!
  • How to optimise risk and return to hit the sweet spot
  • Four simple rules which will revolutionise your trading, for ever
  • Whether the US or Australian market is the place to be
  • How you can tailor in less than 10 seconds, your perfect trade
  • Why the markets are behaving as they are right now
  • Where we expect to see the next wave of growth
  • Where to position yourself for the “Bonus” in May for the dividend season
  • How you can leverage up the strategy to use less of your cash
  • Plus, much, much more...

I'm sure you've been to a few seminars and you are wondering what makes this one so different, you are thinking it will just be a speaker presenting low value content that I cant even put to use after the session.

"On top of that they only tell us the good stuff hoping that we will never find out the truth."

Our Options Made Easy Program is different. In fact, it's so different.

You will leave the event armed with new information, practical skills and new strategies to help you move to the next level. What's more - being live and face to face, your questions will be answered, there and then.

So how much is this course going to cost?
It sounds expensive...

Great question! Just before we get into that, I wanted to ask you three quick questions...

1. Can you see how this program could help you make upfront trading income?
2. Are you interested in a trading approach that requires about half an hour of your time a month?
3. Would the idea of potentially better returns for managed risk appeal to you?

What would it be worth to you get access to a program like this? Remember, once you have been equipped with the right tools and knowledge, you can use them for life. What kind of leverage would that give you? How much value could you place on that gift to yourself and your family?

My friends and colleagues have told me to set the price for this event at $197.

BUT... as I mentioned before I'm sure you've been to many seminars and workshops and as such have probably come across a few that over promised and under delivered. Even though I know my program is nothing like that, I know that you don't know this. So, I'm going to let you come for free...

Options Trading Course Australia

There's just one thing you'll have to do for me, to qualify for your free ticket, you have to satisfy the following conditions:

1. You have to book online.
This way I can send you a confirmation that will guarantee your spot at the training workshop.

2. You have to book early.
There are only 60 free tickets for this event.

How did I come up with that figure. That is all the venue fits. Once the tickets are gone, we'll put up the SOLD OUT sign on the website.
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