Mindset Mastery

Designed to give you the trading edge by building in you the confidence to become a successful trader.

Instructed by Andrew Baxter

Course Description

Mindset Mastery is a dedicated program for building a rock solid foundation and mindset needed for successful trading and investing.

Trading Mindset and Psychology


If you have ever held onto a trade too long, hesitated on getting into a trade, been nervous about pulling the trigger and you are starting to doubt yourself or your trading plan.

Get the most comprehensive and practical trading psychology program that actual successful professional traders use to master their emotions and lock in the potential for profits…

Welcome to Mindset Mastery. Whether you trade options, stocks, fx, indices futures or CFD’s. I’d like to ask you ask you a question? Have you ever gone to place a trade – hesitated, recalculated, hesitated – and then missed the trade?

Or perhaps instead jumped into the trade too early? In both cases missing big profits and instead resulting in yet another loss??

Perhaps you have spent months or even years studying, back testing, attending seminars, webinars and paper trading and can’t quite get it to stick…

How about maybe you have done a trading course, or more likely courses… You follow the instructions to the letter – you have constructed your plan, you have back tested it, you fund your account – the set up looks great – you click the trigger…

Everything exactly as it should be – AND you get stopped out…. Ouch! But no problem – you are motivated – you get back on the horse and go again

BABOOM – same outcome – another stop out. But that’s ok some trades work – others don’t and you know this – you have confidence in your system and training after all, you spent months getting ready to start.

The next trade presents itself – and you hesitate – maybe you should just watch that one and see if your system would have worked – and BAM – A big profit – that would have helped you back to profit on your account is missed….

What’s more, now there is a conflict because in your plan it said to take every trade!!

Is something wrong with me?

Why Trading is different to a regular career

Where to from here? Your confidence is shot or very soon will be, you did the right thing and didn’t get paid….

This is one of the unique features of trading – unlike a regular job – even if you do everything right, you may still not get paid – this is one of the unique factors behind the business of trading and why successful traders develop a Unique set of skills for tackling markets for profit

Like any professional endeavour, pro traders develop unique skills to help them get consistency of profitability

The good news is…..

The fix is simple, easy and ongoing, to keep you right on top of your trading – in just the same way that professional traders do and right now, I can show you how…

Over the past almost 2 decades as a market professional, I’ve trained thousands to make the transitions needed to be a profitable trader. Even if you have a profitable trading system, making it work for you can often be a challenge…

Some of the symptoms may include:

  • You hesitate to make decisions to get in or out
  • You jump in to trades too early
  • You have started to second guess your trading plan – not taking all signals or worse, have started to make changes to your plan, mid trade…
  • Perhaps your initial confidence has been shattered by a series of losing trades
  • You are bringing “baggage” from previous trades or strategies to this one
  • You have blown your account up· You are starting to doubt your own abilities

Which one rings true for you?

The great news is there’s a fix to all of these and more. Better still, not only is this the most comprehensive Trading Psychology course available across the market, the whole program is ongoing. This will help you maintain lasting growth and positive change in your trading business.

Our goals and yours are perfectly aligned

When it came to developing this program, I set myself some key objectives for Mindset Mastery is to distil my almost two decades of experience in markets into an easy to follow yet powerful, practical tool for all traders – new or experienced. In achieving my goals in this program, I know I will help you reach yours.

Let me show you how we have built the program….

Like anything successful, building a firm foundation is critical – we call this our Traders Triad. This foundation will set you up for success and give you the key components and beyond, that are required for sustained, lasting success and profits in markets…

Any success can only be built upon rock solid foundations


Like all trading our, first stone in the foundation is a Trading Plan. The need for a plan provides us with Certainty in what is an uncertain environment – the market. Remember – we can never control the markets, but we can control our plan – and that is why it is so important.

We will look at the specific factors that ALL quality trading Plans must have, as well as an example plan, where you can see these components successfully brought together.

Moving on from this keystone, is learning to think as a trader – in probabilities – is one of the biggest breakthroughs you will have throughout your trading career – and this in itself is dependent on quality Record Keeping – after all, if you don’t know where you are, how do you get to where you want to go?

This is one of the most pivotal parts of running a successful trading business.

Areas covered in detail include: Maintaining your trading results – what to keep and how to keep it, as you cannot simply rely on your trading platform and its record keeping – you will see why..

Analysing Your Trading Results – equity curves and performance wafers are key tools for reviewing not only your profitability, but also your growth as a trader. In particular, performance wafers can highlight and blow-out trades – the outliers that can really damage us.

Ever wondered when you should be increasing or reducing your position size?

Analysing Your results and building in a safety valve. We look at a robust and process driven way to make sure that you are not a victim of what we call an “airbag moment”. In addition, you will learn how to manage one of the biggest trader decisions – when to increase and when to reduce your position sizes. This is simple and very easy to implement – providing key structure to your trading business.

Advanced Analysis – Win/Loss, dealing with Ho Hum Trades and Outliers and knowing your Edge Ratio. For those without a mathematical mind, this session will break down in easy to follow, how to stages, enabling you to pull out the information you want from your trading. Win/Loss Ratios, even more importantly your Edge Ratio will be walked through in an easy to follow way, that you can replicate with your own trade results. In addition, explaining the impact of Ho-Hum and Break Even trades is included.

Trade Post Mortem analysis – At the close of the trade, many traders’ attention moves on – ready for the next opportunity. However, this habit can prove very costly and also side steps one of the major processes necessary for your growth as a trade – the Post Mortem. Evaluating all trades – the good, the bad and the ugly, provides an invaluable insight into your trading process.

How do you execute your trading plan perfectly, EVERY SINGLE time?

Journaling and self diagnosis may seem an “airy fairy” subject. However, we cannot stress how important it is. Being able to manage and monitor your performance as a trader is essential, if you are serious about being a profitable trader.

Now some of these may seem a little basic for those of you who have been trading – we don’t make assumptions, and so to make sure we are all on the same page, we go back to the basics first – to make sure that these critical steps are being handled correctly. After all, your job as a trader is simple – to execute your trading plan perfectly, EVERY time…

Now you have your plan and your execution of your plan being measured, we can then move on to the fascinating area of peak performance psychology. We call this Inner Game – why we do what we do, and how we can do it better. Within this section of the program, we explore, identify the symptoms of, and offer a variety of practical solutions for the typical issues that traders face. Inner Game is often where your biggest breakthroughs will occur.

Peak Performance Psychology not just for successful sports stars…


Finding your niche – knowing which markets, instruments or trading style that you are most suited to will truly assist you in building consistency and harmony in your trading. With more and more markets and instruments being available to traders and investors, the chances of getting an even better fit – specifically for you and your trading style are improving every day.

Knowing Who you are – trading and investing in line with our dominant personality traits, means we are in harmony with ourselves, not creating inner conflict. Imagine that most traders, without knowing their true trading personality, are walking along with a stone in their shoe – it’s not fun, and very frustrating – not for you, any more.

Performance Anxiety – The spectrum of paralysed by fear to blasé about trade decisions – both of which can be major problems, and anchoring back to peak state.

Procrastination – described as the enemy of enterprise. Procrastination is one of the most common challenges faced by traders – the difficulty in making swift and quality decisions. We look at the symptoms and then a series of alternative fixes to help make this road block to profits, a thing of the past.

Impulsiveness can be an equally common issue, especially for certain personality types – breaking through the “Ready Fire Aim” mindset is critical to success in the markets – taking things back to a controlled and robust decision.

Removing emotion from your trading business

Removing the Emotion from trading – more than any single module, this one is a game changer – this is a massive leap for those that make the leap from dabbler or punter to successful trader.

Talking numbers revisits the critical trader mindset of thinking in binary and probability terms, rather than the more typically, emotionally charged thoughts on the markets, building on the foundations set earlier in the program…

Projection and transference looks at how to deal with the issue of bring baggage and history to each new trading decision – effectively we look at building new endings to old stories – helping you move forward and grow as a trader, without the baggage of the past.

Language Patterns can often point the educated trader to where the roadblock is. The words we use reflect our subconscious perceptions of the market and trades, and can cloud our decisions – with practical exercises included, this session will give you the clearest signals yet, as to where your trading issues sit.

The Endowment Effect – this can be a landmine for traders – knowing what it is, how it shows itself and how it can decimate your decision making process is a major breakthrough. You will also see and learn how this behaviour pattern impacts on other areas of your life, beyond trading too.

The Trading Journey – explores the emotional journey that you may have experienced to date, and more importantly, how to make yourself battle hardened and prepared as you make the transition to more successful trader.

What are the requirements?

  • Students willing to improve their trading and investing journey

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 49 lectures and 8.5 hours of content!
  • Confidence in getting In and Out of Trades
  • Removing the Emotion from Trading
  • Making trading decisions in terms of the Binary and probability instead of emotionally charged thoughts
  • Removing the effect of past trading performance and baggage to new trading decisions
  • Help you move forward and grow as a trader
  • Create a new language pattern for your trading decision
  • Recognising Endowment Effect and it’s impact on your life and trading
  • Build a trading journey to be a more successful trader
  • Hear from industry experts about the way they tackle though their trading mindset

Who is this course for?

  • Traders and Investors looking at mastering their emotions so it doesn’t affect their trading decisions
  • New Traders and Investors looking to avoid the costly mistakes of getting caught by surprise by emotional based trading decisions


    Section 1: Trading Plan

  • 1
  • 2
    Intro to Trading Plan

    Having a trading plan is simply a must, if you want to improve your chances of success in markets. From there, building the confidence and discipline to stick with the plan is critical. This chapter will highlight all of the signposts that a quality plan should include. Failing to plan is simply planning to fail and nowhere is that more accurate than in the world of trading.

  • 3
    Building Your Plan

    This session looks at the key components of any successful trading plan. It will assist you in completing your own plan including the type of approach to the market, as well as the 3 major signposts in any trade.

  • 4
    Constructing a trading plan

    A sample of how to build a trading plan.


    Section 2: Record Keeping

  • 1
    What to keep

    In this module, we take a look at not only what information is critical for you to keep, but also how to keep it in a format that will add great value to your trading business.

  • 2
    Analysis of results – Equity Curves and Wafers

    This session shows you how to construct your own Equity Curve and Performance Wafer. These are two of the most important tools in your trading business, enabling swift and accurate diagnosis of your performance as a trader.

  • 3
    Your Safety Valve

    One of the critical decisions as a trader, is knowing when to add to positions or contract sizes and when to reduce your weighting to new trades. This session provides a simple and easy to follow process for incorporating this critical skill to your trading business.

  • 4
    Advanced Analysis – Win/Loss and Edge Ratios

    For those that are not numeric, this easy to follow session will show you, in an ABC format, how you can understand and create the critical ratios for trading analysis.

  • 5
    Market Fitness

    Being able to perform your role as a trader requires a level of market fitness. By measuring some of the key inputs into your decision making, and more importantly, your effectiveness of decision making, this module will open the door on self diagnosis – a critical component to trader growth.

  • 6
    Trade Post Mortems

    Evaluating each trade is a valuable learning tool and a key aspect to any trader’s arsenal. This session provides a game plan for effective trade post mortems, and runs through two real life case studies, giving you all the check boxes that you should incorporate into your own trading.

  • 7

    Journaling is one of the top 3 tools any successful trader should have at their disposal. Not only is self diagnosis a key aspect to trading mindset, it also quickly identifies any “kink in the hose” that may be preventing you taking that step up in trading results. This module also looks at real world examples to give you more idea as to how to journal effectively.

  • 8
    Journaling for Day Traders

    This is a dedicated module for Day Traders, identifying some of the unique processes that effective day traders need to include in their trading approach. Simple and effective, this is a real world strategy that will have a positive impact on your journaling, immediately.

  • 9
    Bringing it all together

    Having the tools can be one thing, knowing how to bring them together in a water-tight robust and easy to use way is another. This module will show you how each of the sessions in this Chapter of Mindset Mastery can be combined to help you, right now.

  • 10

    This session provides trader tips, based on real life market experience, to help you get to the next level in your trading.


    Section 3: Inner Game

  • 1
    Your Niche

    Building your success as a trader, just like any business, is often as result of specialist knowledge, passion and more than anything, fit. There is no “one size fits all” for trading and this session will help you identify and grow into your niche.

  • 2
    Knowing who you are

    Your trading DNA is what makes you tick, in markets. Knowing what makes you do what you do, and, more importantly, do it better are key break throughs. If you have yet to do it, take our trading personality profile test.

  • 3
    Performance Anxiety

    Not being able to squeeze the trigger, through to being trigger happy, are equally challenging issues for traders. In this chapter, we explore not only what these issues mean, but how to fix them with 6 different fixes to help get you into a peak state for decision making.

  • 4

    The enemy of enterprise, procrastination is one of the most common problem areas for traders. In this session, we will look at the key symptoms of procrastination, the circle of pain and then 5 different fixes, to help you put this problem to bed, as you grow into becoming a more successful trader.

  • 5

    Just like procrastination, impulsiveness can cause havoc in your trading. Having identified the causes, this module will offer 5 alternative fixes to help you get your decision making back under control.

  • 6
    Removing Emotions

    Human needs can often be conflicting, creating anxiety and stress, especially around decision making points. Be it certainty vs uncertainty or fear vs greed, these are real and they need to be understood and dealt with. In this module, identifying the underlying fears that cloud decisions is explored in detail, with the goal of helping you break free of the burden they can cause in trading.

  • 7
    Thinking like a trader

    Removing emotion from your decision making is a key breakthrough. This session looks at binary decision making, removing the variables that can cloud trading decisions.

  • 8

    Without realising it, we can often bring to the decision making table, baggage! This can influence our ability and choices in markets – sometimes referred to as, transference, this session includes a 7 step drill to manage this problem child out of your trading business.

  • 9
    Language Pattern

    More than any one single aspect, Language patterns provide one of the clearest sign posts as to trading related issues. This session includes 2 exercises, designed to help tease out how we see markets. In addition, we look at 3 separate fixes for addressing poor language patterns.

  • 10
    The Endowment Effect

    No trading psychology program could consider itself complete, without a module on the Endowment Effect. Having identified how it impacts on decision making, 4 real world fixes to make sure that this hidden time bomb is eliminated from your trading business

  • 11
    Beliefs and Misbeliefs

    Just like language patterns, our belief system can influence our ability to trade objectively and see the market or trades as they are, not what we may believe them to be.

  • 12
    Sim to Live

    Making the move from Sim to Live trading is Easy… Assuming you have done the work! This module explores in detail the boxes to make sure you have ticked, in order to make the biggest trader transition smooth sailing

  • 13
    The Journey

    This module looks at the challenges to prepare yourself for, during your career as a trader. More importantly, it provides a valuable heads up as to where some of the stumbling blocks sit, and how to avoid them.


    Section 4: Trading Gymnasium

  • 1
    Back testing

    Back testing is a key step in building your business – as is pacing forward. Heard of one, but not the other – then tune in and see how you can get a more robust trading plan before going live.

  • 2
    Having a balance

    Trading can be a draining business – keeping yourself fresh and focused is key. Gaining balance is a key step in this, something that is repeatedly reflected in the interview series.

  • 3
    Home runs

    All too often, traders have the fixation and need to be hitting home runs. Is that a realistic expectation and what problems can this objective cause?

  • 4
    In or out of the market

    The compulsion to having to be in the market can be a real problem – it is different to over trading and needs fixing. This is about knowing your job description.

  • 5
    Knowing your trading personality

    Trading in tune with your personality is a key component in your success as a trader. Identify your driving trading personality and leverage off of the strengths, while avoiding the weaknesses.

  • 6
    Over trading

    Being accountable and taking ownership of your decisions is a key break through – the winners were my idea, the losers yours?? I don’t think so – trade ownership – good, bad and ugly is a key growth step for all traders and avoids the blame game.

  • 7
    Own your Trade

    Being accountable and taking ownership of your decisions is a key break through – the winners were my idea, the losers yours?? I don’t think so – trade ownership – good, bad and ugly is a key growth step for all traders and avoids the blame game.

  • 8
    Peak State

    Trading successfully is about robust decision making and that in itself is a by product of being in peak state. Getting yourself ready for trade kick off is key, if you want to win the trading game.

  • 9
    Perception of time

    Time is absolute – the perception of time is not! This session looks at how time can sometimes appear, depending on your stage of trading.

  • 10
    Position sizing

    Setting position sizes that are appropriate for you is one of the key tenets of successful trading. So too, is learning when to ratchet this up or down. This session builds on the work covered in record keeping.

  • 11
    Sim to Live

    Revisiting the inner game module on this subject from a different angle, reflects how important this trader milestone is. Do the work and its easy – take a short cut and the niggling self doubt may creep in.

  • 12
    The trading rut

    Being in a trading rut can be extremely frustrating. To avoid this frustration and help you get out of the rut in a more positive way. Firstly identifying the cause of the rut, this will then look at how to get out of it, in a positive way.

  • 13
    What is your why

    Knowing why you want to be a trader is critical and a question you may revisit over time! However, having a good grasp in this will help you smash through the obstacles you may face in your trading journey.


    Section 5: Interview Series

  • 1
    Mr B

    Former fund manager and 14 year trading veteran reinforces what it takes for success – Process and Discipline. Equally understanding what drives you is revealed in this interview. One of the key take away points in this interview is the emphasis on process. Anyone can follow a process – right?

  • 2
    Mr C

    Full time equity/derivative and prop trader shares his insights into what it takes to survive and thrive in the current market. Having a process is key, as is a life balance and these are explored in detail.

  • 3
    Mr H

    What could you learn from a 40 year market War Horse? Plenty is the simple answer – and this interview explores some of the key attributes behind long term trading success from the pre-computer trading floor to today’s screen based equity derivative market.

  • 4
    Mr W

    A full-on interview with a former futures floor trader and 20 year market veteran. This interview highlights how building your niche is pivotal to your trading success. One of the highlights includes the importance of knowing and accepting your trading personality, and harnessing that trait for profit.


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Instructor Biography

Australian Investment Education, Andrew Baxter Founder of Australian Investment Education

Originally from the UK, Andrew has been a market professional for almost 19 years, trading a wide range of global markets and instruments.

As a highly regarded industry speaker, he has spoken alongside Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins and Tony Blair, empowering many thousands of people, from all over the world, with the skills, techniques and strategies for managing risk and winning in the market place.

Andrew is the CEO of Australian Investment Education

Outside of business and markets, he is a dedicated philanthropist and keen photographer.

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