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Options Made Easy


The Options Made Easy Service is designed to provide all of the tools and support needed for anyone looking to trade the stock and options markets. One of the biggest advantages of options as a trading tool, is their flexibility, providing the opportunity for profit potential whichever way the market is going – up, down or sideways!

With an options strategy such as covered calls, many traders and superannuation investors look to generate additional cashflow for their portfolios in a lower risk way, by using this combo strategy. Add to this, the Dividend Centre, which you can use to best position yourself to receive the additional returns offered to investors through dividends, and your financial future is taking a turn for the good.

At the other end of the spectrum, traders seeking more aggressive trading strategies and returns will find advice, education and recommendations for trade opportunities that target specific trading scenarios.

Passive vs Active

Traders and investors come with a variety of goals and Options Made Easy is designed to add value for all. Whether you are looking for a totally passive approach through our “three click trading” and recommendation

services, or to be totally self directed through our powerful scanning centres, we can partner with you and help you achieve your goals.


OME’s education base is designed to layer up, building a firm foundation of knowledge for you. Starting with the key factors on what determines an option’s price – a major part of in any trading plan, your confidence will grow quickly.

We then split our education into two family’s – Income Plus and Trader Pro.

Income Plus has been developed with the investor who is looking to generate cashflow in mind. Focusing on the Covered Call space, to sharpen your focus and genuinely build the confidence to apply this strategy with peace of mind, and focussing on delivering the return that you want.

Trader Pro is designed for the trader looking to tap into the flexibility that the options market offers. Time decay and volatility strategies along with those which focus on profiting from falling and rising markets are featured here.

Trade advice

Having a service that can offer you quality trade ideas that enable you to invest the most minimal amount of time, is what many passive investors are looking for. By supporting you through tailored recommendations – delivered via SMS, email and all having the ability to tap into our unique “EasyTrade®” Three Click Trading model, you know your money can be working, without you needing to be working too.

Each recommendation comes with a clear trade rationale, risk and money management as well as a live trade update from our trading floor, providing you with all the information you need in order to make a decision. Add to that the convenience of three click trading and bang – you are in business.


To help you stay informed we provide a wide range of reports – so that you can be as hands on or off, as you choose.
On Mondays, our Week Ahead report provides a game plan for what we are expecting from an economics and

markets perspective. Each day, we then monitor and update this with our daily broadcasts, ensuring that you are always in front of what is going on in the market. Add to this our Wednesday Technical Toolbox, which provides an independent technical view of the trades and you have all you need to be confidently investing.