Australian Economic Outlook 2013

When writing on subjects that are close to home, it is often hard to be as objective as you would like.  However, as a trader, the whole business is seeing things as they are, not as you think they are. The great news for the Australians is that there are better signs of economic activity… Read More


US Economy 2013 Outlook

The big daddy that so many forecasts are based around is the US economy – why – well the US represents around 21% of the global economy.  Whichever way you splice and dice the US economy, everything about it is huge.  I love the US – as a matter of fact, I love all of… Read More


2013 Forecast for BHP

Where next for BHP? The Hills are alive with the sound of Iron Ore….and Cash-flow Our 2013 Forecast for BHP! There can be no question that the present operating environment has been a tough one for many companies, and no more so than for BHP – a company that we consider to be one of the… Read More


Gold Price Forecast 2013

Our gold price forecast 2013 Gold is and has definitely been one of the hottest and most watched commodities of the past 5 years. Since late 2007 gold has stolen much of the limelight after breaking the 1980 record high of approximately $850 an ounce and running well past $1,000 an ounce today. Many a… Read More


Japan Economic Outlook 2013

Japan is an incredibly interesting country. For those that have had the opportunity to visit, the curious mix between the old and new worlds and their associated values is nothing but incredible and few countries around the world is this more acute than in Japan. Add to that some of the best snow skiing, and… Read More


Crude Oil Price Forecast 2013

The world’s most heavily traded commodity is a key part of any trading or economic outlook. So this is our Crude Oil Price Forecast for 2013. Given it is used for so many aspects of everyday life, from transport to manufacturing and just about everything in between, Crude oil represents a massive building block in… Read More

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