Going for Gold; How to Invest in Russia

With the largest and most promising Australian Winter Olympics Team currently in Sochi, more Australians than ever before have been tuning in to the evening telecasts to get a glimpse not only of our champions, but also what Russia has to offer. Alongside cheering on Torah Bright on her way to a Silver medal, I… Read More


5 Top Tips for making it through ASX Dividend Season

February is known as the earnings and dividend season for the Australian Stock Market. With an investor population that has become increasing yield focused, whether from safety or retirement perspective, in addition to having a wide variety of stocks that are paying more in dividends then you receive in the bank on term deposits, understanding… Read More


The Wolf of Wall Street…Fact or Fiction?

Movies that relate to the stock market depict greed, money, drugs, women, fast cars, fast boats, more women, and a debaucherous and never-ending party. As a qualified equities and derivatives analyst with more than 15-years experience in Australia, the activity that is depicted in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” are so far from… Read More


2014 – a make or break year for traders?

As we move into the back end of the year and set ourselves up for the festive season, it is always interesting to plan and build into the New Year. Equally, it provides a natural point to take a step back and review. Each year, we publish our Outrageous Market Predictions for the following year… Read More

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