Apple Inc (AAPL)

Imagine if it actually was bad news for Apple, the World’s largest company?

When the world’s largest company announces a sharp increase in sales and a sharp increase in profits, you would most likely expect a strong move in the share price, right? Indeed this week, Apple’s share price did respond with a sharp move in its share price – a downward one! This kind of move can… Read More


A Critically Important ABC that any serious investor needs to read

Enjoying profit opportunities and avoiding pain are two of the mainstay pillars of any investment strategy. All very obvious, so why an article on the subject? Well, it is one thing knowing something – another, actually acting upon it. This is a theme that we have iterated many times over the past decade – through… Read More


Apple Stock Forecast 2014 – Opportunity For The Faithful!

Our 2014 outrageous prediction for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) 2013 has been an interesting year for the Consumer giant as it has for the company’s shareholders. With huge pressure and expectation in the two years since Steve Jobs passed away, the business has continued to make inroads on a massive scale, as only Apple can. From… Read More


Where to invest next – wearable technology?

Looking through the media this week, much has been made of the latest and greatest in the technology space. Wearable technology such as glasses, watches and an assortment of cool shiny things are likely to send the Generation me’s racing to their online shopping portals to get the latest and greatest. How on earth did… Read More


Our Top 3 Trades you need to be on right now

What I love about the stock market is that it doesn’t matter what direction is in place, using Options, I can implement a strategy for any situation. The key is defining what the current market action is most likely to result in over the coming weeks. So let me share with you my Top 3… Read More


Does Apple Computers offer a great Share Investment?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Computers held their annual Worldwide Developers conference in San Francisco on Monday 10th June, wowing attendees with a major software upgrade, iRadio, and a new Siri personality. Does this make Apple Computers a great share investment after having declined more than 37% from its September high? Technology Change I’m an avid user of… Read More


The Future of Apple Stock (AAPL)

The future of Apple Stock. Apple’s announcement of a share buy back of biblical proportion suggests that within the company, the view is strong and they are backing themselves. The increased in dividend also comes as a small reward to the stock holders who have endured a tough time. In terms of guidance, sales have… Read More

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