3 Steps to Spring Cleaning your investment portfolio and getting set for another year of growth

Spring time conjures up the thoughts of cutting back hedges, weeding out gardens, cleaning out garages/storage sheds, and vacuuming under furniture that hasn’t been shifted in over a year. If Spring time is so associated with house and garden maintenance, then why don’t we consider spring cleaning our Investment portfolio as well? With the stock… Read More


Don’t panic! The stock market hasn’t crashed yet … But will it?

Australia, economically, is sitting in a pretty good space. Average weekly wages are slowly increasing; Unemployment is serviceable at 6.4%; Annual GDP growth rate might be mild at 3.5% but better than most developed nations; Inflation is within target at 3.0%; and Consumer Spending continues to improve following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC). On… Read More


Correction or Crash? Four actions to take to protect your portfolio

January closed on a downbeat as the markets lost momentum from the 2013 buyers. Now, with the leading indices pushing for new medium-term lows, the million dollar question is whether we are in a stock market correction or if we are heading for a Crash! Year to date, the ASX200 index has lost 255 points… Read More


Advanced Option Management: An ASX200 Index Options Case Study

Options are an incredibly versatile asset class that provide an unrivalled amount of flexibility… but only when you know what you are doing and how to do it. For many beginning option traders, leverage is the main lure into this domain. It is the exciting world of using only small amounts of capital to control… Read More

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