Financial Markets

Imagine forgetting your Wedding Anniversary? You know that would be pretty expensive to fix, but so many people have missed Anniversary and it has Cost them a lot more…

This is an 8 Year Anniversary that has made fortunes The US stock market, measured by the S&P500 has moved up 250% since hitting is closing low of 676.53 points on March 9th, 2009 – that is Eight Years of Record Breaking Price Gains. How much of that have you banked? And do you know… Read More


BHP in the hole

Imagine if the World’s largest Mining company couldn’t dig its way out of the massive hole it is in? BHP could be Australia’s largest investment catastrophe, now at a SEVEN YEAR LOW The old adage of when you are in a hole, stop digging couldn’t be more appropriate than right now for former market darling,… Read More

Trading Woolworths on the ASX

Woolworths Shares – How a “safe” portfolio stock cost investors almost a 40% loss on their investments and they probably don’t even know

Imagine if you blindly held Woolworths shares… Health and wealth can sometimes be closely linked. In fact there are many parallels between the two things most people wish for. To be on the front foot, health wise, as we get older, regular check ups ensure if there is a problem, it is found early and… Read More

Market Crash 2015

If you want to avoid a lifestyle and retirement catastrophe, you had better be ready for this market crash

If you want to avoid a lifestyle and retirement catastrophe, you had better be ready for this market crash. While this may sound a bit dramatic, ask anyone who got smashed in the GFC what they would have done differently and when, being prepared for this one makes a lot of sense… As a point… Read More


Is the Australian stock market stuffed?

A sharp decline over the last month has investors worried. The ASX200 index, which represents the top 200 companies by market capitalization, and is a fair evaluation of the broader stock market performance, has fallen from a high of 5,673 on Wednesday 3rd September, to a closing value of 5,334 on the 1st of October…. Read More


Has the Hammer come down too hard on the Australian Miners?

Australian Resource stocks have been hammered recently, with share prices falling and driving the broader ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) to 2-month lows. With fear of a global economic slowdown, are Australia’s leading Mining stocks likely to fall any further? Two sectors drive the Australian stock market: Banking and Mining. While they may not be the… Read More


What are the impacts of the Australian Federal Budget on the stock market?

News headlines over the last two weeks had been grooming us for a hard budget. And the release of the Liberal parties first budget under Abbott & Hockey has certainly created many headlines. But how will it affect the Australian stock market? Will it hurt your back pocket, and your future wealth (that is, your… Read More


Imagine if you were next on the redundancy list?

Over the past few months, one of the most sensitive issues facing the Australian workforce has been Job Security. Getting a regular income is something that we all perhaps can take for granted and the prospect of that income ceasing, due to any factor is very unsettling. Worse still, this is an increasingly common scenario… Read More


The January Breakout Method!

For many investors and traders January triggers new aspirations, charged up after some well deserved holiday time, and most significantly, makes them eager and ready to trade! The million dollar question is… how to start off the new year with profitable trades? Experienced traders know that during the first 2 weeks of the year, volumes… Read More


Australian Economic Outlook 2014

Our most anticipated outrageous predictions; the Australian Economic Outlook 2014. There is no question that 2013 has been a year of contrasts, changes and a great platform from which to build into 2014. As such, our forecast for 2014 is far more optimistic than at this point last year. Generally speaking there is a higher… Read More

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