Is the Eurozone poised to collapse for the 2nd time in as many years?

The memory of the European sovereign debt crisis only a few years ago, is still very raw, especially to those who lived in the region and experienced the impact first hand. Recent economic data from the Euro region has provided evidence that a secondary recession could be imminent, and that has investors extremely worried. Comments… Read More


Australian Interest Rates. How low can they go?

Australia’s top 4 banks fixed their 5-year fixed term interest rates, sparking the debate on how much lower rates might go on the short-term. Many home investors have been fixing at record low rates in anticipation of the Reserve Bank lifting rates in the future, with the Banks offering low terms in an effort to… Read More


Outrageous Market Predictions 2014

Outrageous Predictions 2014 One of the great things about this time of year is the opportunity presented by sitting back and contemplating the game plan for the year ahead. Around this time, I sit down and write our Outrageous Market Predictions for 2014. My process is pretty simple. Over the course of the year, I… Read More


Australian Banks Shares 2014 – Forecast

Laughing all the way ‘with’ the Banks in 2014! 2013 has been a standout year for the Big 4 Australian Banks. The financial sector as a whole added a further 19.14% year to date on top of last year’s 21.7% capital gain (before dividends). These types of gains are reminiscent of bull market and booming… Read More


Rule Britannia, it’s all on the crest of a wave – but why?

Greetings from the UK!  This week I have been in the UK for some family matters and it has been quite interesting to observe how much the wheel has turned here.  Three visits in 6 months or so and things in the motherland have changed considerably. Without stirring the pot, a sunny English Summer, buoyed… Read More

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