Apple… is this the end of an era?

For the last 10 years, I have been trading Apple Computers on the US markets in one form or another. As stocks and options (derivatives) are my strategy focus, this has included strategies such as Covered Calls (Buy/Writes), various Spread strategies and directional views. The stock would be one of my more favoured trading vehicles,… Read More


You snooze you lose! Why you need to be active in the markets

Investors were worried with the recent stock market ‘correction’. Some fearfully sold their stock, but have hesitated getting back in. Now, the ASX200 has rebounded more than 70% of the decline, and if you weren’t active in the markets, you have missed most of the rebound. Last weekend I spent two days with nearly 50… Read More


How to Buy Shares Online

How to Buy Shares Online. More and more, online shopping is taking over as the primary means of purchasing goods and services. And trading shares is no different. Following on from my article from the 8th March “How to Buy Shares in the Stock Market”, I’ve received numerous queries about how to buy shares online. When… Read More

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