Make hay while the sun shines – Calendar Spreads and US Markets Opportunities

US Federal Reserve The US Federal Reserve are likely to continue their policy of stimulus, providing markets with a lift this week. Grass root/green shoot signs of improvement are there, but not yet at the level wanted by the Fed. Housing starts, for example, climbed by 6.8%, albeit a lower level than expected, but still… Read More


Newcrest Mining (ASX:NCM) – All that glistens is not gold

Newcrest Mining (ASX:NCM) has been in the headlines over the past couple of weeks, albeit for all of the wrong reasons. Australia’s largest gold miner should be enjoying boom times, after all, Gold, despite its recent slide and currently at $1384 remains at a significantly higher level than its average for the past decade. Newcrest… Read More

Surge, recovery and strengthening – oh and $1000 cash gift to share with a mate!

Running across my Bloomberg news, which I tend to do most Saturday mornings, the above words leapt of the screen at me – why – because they are not the sort of language patterns that have been used to in financial markets for some time, let alone all in one sitting. Cup of earl grey… Read More


Profiting from the US Options Strategy Bonanza

Are you profiting from the US Options Strategy Bonanza right now? We are noticing an increasing number of our clients taking up our US Options Strategy recommendations. As a business, we are committed to providing service to our clients on both the Australian and US markets, opening the door to a massive and wide range… Read More


Calendar Spread – The cheaper option strategy to the Covered Call

An option strategy that I use consistently in the same vain to the Covered Call is the Calendar Spread. There are various different approaches to the Calendar Spread, either as a neutral approach or with a directional bias. And with a few simple rules, it can be a cheaper alternative for those who don’t have… Read More

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