It is all about confidence

Last week, I was up in Malaysia and killing time on the flight, while digesting a rather nice steak and shiraz combo, chatted in a lot of depth with my colleague, on the current market – where to, what and when. Standard fodder for a couple of traders sitting on a plane together, and a… Read More


Australia is not shut down – we are open for business!

Dominating the headlines over the past week has been the US shutdown – where federal workers have been told to stay at home – effectively on unpaid leave. The reason for this – since the end of the US financial year (30th Sept) a new budget for 2013/14 has yet to be approved and hence… Read More


Breakfast with Tony Abbott – Confidence Is Everything

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a breakfast with Tony Abbott. It was a very interesting discussion. There was very little negative commentary in regards to the current Government, more of an outline of his vision – and perhaps more revealing, the reason for the vision. Tony Abbott Broad Stroke Message The broad… Read More

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