Australian Economy

2014 – Wow – what a year we have had here in the lucky country! A fairy tale grand final victory, for South Sydney, worthy of a Russell Crowe Hollywood blockbuster; the ongoing political soap opera within the Palmer Not-So-United Party and the crowning glory, hosting the G20 summit to discuss and achieve – well… Read More


8 reasons why India will overtake China and power world growth

Chatting to Mr Adams, this week, he shared with me his insights into how he sees the global growth story changing with India, not China, becoming the new global growth engine. India will displace China as the global growth engine, here’s why: Demography. 1. China’s ageing population will come at a cost, the cost of… Read More


Is successful investing taking the long term view just a myth?

The holy grail of the investment industry seems to involve telling investors to buy and hold for the long term – taking what is in effect, the “long term view”. While this may make sense on a couple of fronts – give it time to do its thing, markets always go up over time and… Read More


Have you made your $2.17m yet? – Cost of Living in Australia

Apparently, this is the average cost of living for an Australian from the Cradle to the Grave according to an article I read on I quote “Using ABS research and economic analysis, the figure estimates just how much money goes into keeping us happy and healthy for our average life expectancy, which is nearing… Read More


Asylum Seekers or lunatics taking over the asylum? – Look at your petrol bill, if you really want to go nuts!

Being a Friday morning, looking forward to the weekend and listening to some funky Friday music, the very useful light that tells you to fill your car with fuel came on. How on earth would we manage without being so “nannied”, I often wonder? $175 later, my Friday morning continued on. But hang on, lets… Read More

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