Last year, we expected to see Gold lower and we were right.

Gold is an asset which crosses so many boundaries, in terms of its definition – from raw material and precious metal, through to financial asset and safe haven in times of crisis. However, in today’s financial markets and investors universe, where does the yellow metal now sit? Investors have been desperate for yield As an… Read More


Australia’s banking sector – 2015 a year better suited for traders rather than investors?

Banks continue to be staple holding for passive and active portfolios, mum and dad investors, super funds and really anyone involved with the Australian stock markets. When the Financial sector makes up 46% of the ASX200 stocks, it’s not hard to see why everyone is always talking about them.   Source: S&P Dow Jones Indices… Read More


5 Top Tips for making it through ASX Dividend Season

February is known as the earnings and dividend season for the Australian Stock Market. With an investor population that has become increasing yield focused, whether from safety or retirement perspective, in addition to having a wide variety of stocks that are paying more in dividends then you receive in the bank on term deposits, understanding… Read More


When is an uptrend, not an uptrend? A very special gift for you

Much has been made of the performance of the share markets, both here in Australia and in the US. Markets close to record highs, huge dividends and money being made left right and centre. However, despite the facts, there are plenty out there that are yet to be convinced. I guess the question is what… Read More

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