7 Steps from an Apple to an Orchard!

Changes this week saw the world’s biggest company’s share price “plunge” – at least on the surface. In reality, the company had a share split – 7 new shares for every previous one held. The advantage to this is that it makes Apple’s stock clearly more affordable for investors, particularly those with smaller accounts, providing… Read More


Gold Price Predictions Mid 2013 – 2014 Report

Our mid year Gold Price Prediction. In December last year we published a report on potential future gold price movements. The following is from the final paragraph of our December article. “So to take a stand and pick a direction, purely because contrarians are remembered, I will go out on a limb and say $1,200… Read More


2013 Forecast for BHP

Where next for BHP? The Hills are alive with the sound of Iron Ore….and Cash-flow Our 2013 Forecast for BHP! There can be no question that the present operating environment has been a tough one for many companies, and no more so than for BHP – a company that we consider to be one of the… Read More


Crude Oil Price Forecast 2013

The world’s most heavily traded commodity is a key part of any trading or economic outlook. So this is our Crude Oil Price Forecast for 2013. Given it is used for so many aspects of everyday life, from transport to manufacturing and just about everything in between, Crude oil represents a massive building block in… Read More

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