Infinite growth economies to morph into circular economies

Let me ask you a question, what is Australia going to look like in 20 years time? You have a problem, grab a pen and note down these 2 videos, they are a must watch: National Press Club Address by Catherin Livingstone The Challenge of Change Intelligence is refreshing right?! These insights shape my stock… Read More


A sneak peak from the other side….What will your home loan cost you next year?

Every day, I enjoy this guy’s commentary and views. He is to the point with his communication and will share with you this – it is relevant to all of you, especially if you have a house, unit, mortgage or you have a dollar to your name. As you may know, we were pleased to… Read More


5 critical steps to making great trading decisions

Over my almost two decades in markets, one of the key distinctions that I have witnessed time and time again – which separates those that win and those that lose, in the markets – is trading psychology. As we see the uneasiness that has come from the vast array of negative influences out there (China… Read More


1045 Pips of Profit – so when the RBA meets to discuss interest rates

1045 Pips of profit – so when the RBA meets to discuss interest rates…Most people – those with a mortgage – swiftly calculate that this means a few dollars saved off their monthly repayments.  This always reminds me of the expression that a saving is as good as a profit! However, saving a few bucks… Read More


High Frequency and Robot Trading

High Frequency Trading (HFT) has been the buzz word of markets for a number of years now. Throughout this year, in Australia, we have seen this gain great traction and more headlines.  According to the regulator, HFT represents 30% of the turnover in the equity market (up from 3-4% in Feb 2010) and as much… Read More

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