Could Grexit be just around the corner? The European Union is on the verge of losing its first member

For the last 6 years, Greece has been a country burdened with bad debt and the threat of default on loans that will take more than a few generations to pay back. During that time, the economy has failed to improve, and again Greece is potentially on the verge of defaulting on its loan obligations,… Read More


Cash is King! Or is it??

Where did all my interest go – and where can I find yield? Once again, the market has provided a great deal of information without really saying a lot. Is that an old Chinese Proverb – like “he who says nothing says everything?” No – not really – what I am referring to is what… Read More


The Carbon Tax – when is a tax, not a tax??

According to the official figures, the Carbon Tax has added about 0.4% to the cost of living for the typical household. Doesn’t sound much, at 0.4% but lets take a deeper look at what that means in reality. Referring to a report on electricity prices from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, over the… Read More


Breakfast with Tony Abbott – Confidence Is Everything

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a breakfast with Tony Abbott. It was a very interesting discussion. There was very little negative commentary in regards to the current Government, more of an outline of his vision – and perhaps more revealing, the reason for the vision. Tony Abbott Broad Stroke Message The broad… Read More

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