Is it the season to be picking Apples?

The upcoming release of the iPhone 6 has investors accumulating shares in Apple Inc on the expectation that the next revolution for the industry leading company is just around the corner. Apple has been a driving force in the development of software and personal devices since the 1980’s, but was predominant in the evolution of… Read More


How to avoid the pain of living week to week: 3 Steps to new income

Over the past month or so, I have had the opportunity to meet a large number of people at various events we have spoken at. As always, it is the ultimate honour to share time and skills with people who are wanting to make shifts and changes in the direction of their finances. Reflecting this,… Read More


How to avoid the pain of the “new norm” and enjoy income on your terms

Today’s world is all about convenience, perhaps to have a better quality life, or instead to try and cram more in.  Unfortunately being busy has become the “new norm” for so many people – longer working days, as your home life now includes work emails, greater accessibility and of course, the follow up call where… Read More


How do you get to enjoy the very latest in trading technology?

The business of trading and investing has not really changed since the Dow Jones first changed way back in 1896. Buy low, sell high and make a profit! What has changed beyond recognition, Is the way trading is conducted. When I started my career, open outcry – floor based trading – was still the mainstay… Read More

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