ASX Market Crash 2016

Why the recent fall in the stock market is the best thing that could have happened…Really!

There is no question that 2016 has gotten off to a negative and bumpy start for many stock market investors. The reality is, this is about the best thing that could have happened and is precisely what we have been waiting for. Why? With the share market falling hard at the start of this year,… Read More

Market Turmoil

How to remain a profitable stock market investor, even in times of market turmoil…

Making money from the stock market has nothing to do with forecasting, it has everything to do with responding! Turbulent times that we have recently witnessed have really shaken things up. Prices have moved down, many investors’ confidence has been shattered and if you believe the media, the World is getting sucked down the “plug… Read More

Market Crash 2015

If you want to avoid a lifestyle and retirement catastrophe, you had better be ready for this market crash

If you want to avoid a lifestyle and retirement catastrophe, you had better be ready for this market crash. While this may sound a bit dramatic, ask anyone who got smashed in the GFC what they would have done differently and when, being prepared for this one makes a lot of sense… As a point… Read More


It is all about confidence

Last week, I was up in Malaysia and killing time on the flight, while digesting a rather nice steak and shiraz combo, chatted in a lot of depth with my colleague, on the current market – where to, what and when. Standard fodder for a couple of traders sitting on a plane together, and a… Read More


Hedge your stock portfolio against a market crash

Investment decisions are normally made based on an emotional response. As a professional advisor, I need to remove all emotion in the decision making process. To do this, having a broad understanding of how the stock market works helps alleviate uncertainty. But having an in-depth knowledge of the available strategies provides a course of action… Read More


3 reasons why the stock market could crash in 2014 – And how you can try to avoid it.

Doom and Gloom views of the stock market are always an easy sell. Fear is an exceptionally strong emotion, not as predominant as Greed (which influences investors to hold stock even when they are on losing positions), but certainly an instigator for investors to panic sell stock holdings. Especially at the most inappropriate time, and… Read More


Correction or Crash? Four actions to take to protect your portfolio

January closed on a downbeat as the markets lost momentum from the 2013 buyers. Now, with the leading indices pushing for new medium-term lows, the million dollar question is whether we are in a stock market correction or if we are heading for a Crash! Year to date, the ASX200 index has lost 255 points… Read More


5 Signs in Predicting a Stock Market Crash

In this article we will give you 5 signs in Predicting a Stock Market Crash. The greatest fear for all investors is the surprise of a Market Crash. It’s not just the fall in stock values and the decline in portfolio value that investors fear. But it’s the fact that many investors will worry about… Read More


Why I don’t fear a market crash

Emotions are the key driver of the stock market. Yes, fundamentals and economics are the “Why” prices will rise or fall, but Fear and Greed are a here and now action that causes prices to fluctuate despite the underlying factors of a company, commodity or market. Hence, the reason why Technical Analysis has become such… Read More

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