CBA (ASX:CBA) Profit – why didn’t you?

Well if you did, congratulations, but if you didn’t, please read on…. Today’s announcement of a $1.75bn third quarter profit raised a number of eyebrows out there in the market. We constantly hear about how the Aussie economy is slowing down – but the CBA profit shows the bank is bucking the trend and continuing… Read More

Trading Mindset – Why should I use a trading journal?

[jw_player file=”″ image=”” height=”330″ width=”590″ autoplay=”false”]   Why should I use a trading journal? Journaling is black and white – you either do it, or you don’t! Those that do, understand the value of this skill – it provides a very useful tool for self diagnosis within your trading business. Ultimately, your job as a trader is… Read More


Why I don’t fear a market crash

Emotions are the key driver of the stock market. Yes, fundamentals and economics are the “Why” prices will rise or fall, but Fear and Greed are a here and now action that causes prices to fluctuate despite the underlying factors of a company, commodity or market. Hence, the reason why Technical Analysis has become such… Read More

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