A missed opportunity is as good as a loss!

There is nothing more frustrating than missing a trade. For almost 20 years, since I joined the industry, this is a statement that remains every bit as true today, as it did back then. I often hear clients calling into my trading floor, several hours or sometimes even a day or two, too late to… Read More


Is this the biggest shift in trading technology since the internet?

Over my years in the broking industry – coming up for almost two decades soon, much has changed. The move from full service phone broking to online was one of the biggest. Self directed trading with orders executed online, seemed the way forward especially with the lower fees. However, anyone who has been down that… Read More


How do you get to enjoy the very latest in trading technology?

The business of trading and investing has not really changed since the Dow Jones first changed way back in 1896. Buy low, sell high and make a profit! What has changed beyond recognition, Is the way trading is conducted. When I started my career, open outcry – floor based trading – was still the mainstay… Read More

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