A Critically Important ABC that any serious investor needs to read

Enjoying profit opportunities and avoiding pain are two of the mainstay pillars of any investment strategy. All very obvious, so why an article on the subject? Well, it is one thing knowing something – another, actually acting upon it. This is a theme that we have iterated many times over the past decade – through… Read More


Will Alibaba’s IPO cause the US stock market to fall?

There has been much anticipation for the upcoming IPO of Alibaba – a (currently) privately owned Internet based e-commerce business resembling eBay/Amazon/PayPal/Google. It is a Chinese based business, which has expanded phenomenally as consumers in China have gained more and more access to the internet and online consumer shopping. But will its upcoming IPO cause… Read More


Is it the season to be picking Apples?

The upcoming release of the iPhone 6 has investors accumulating shares in Apple Inc on the expectation that the next revolution for the industry leading company is just around the corner. Apple has been a driving force in the development of software and personal devices since the 1980’s, but was predominant in the evolution of… Read More

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