Is successful investing taking the long term view just a myth?

The holy grail of the investment industry seems to involve telling investors to buy and hold for the long term – taking what is in effect, the “long term view”. While this may make sense on a couple of fronts – give it time to do its thing, markets always go up over time and… Read More


380 years old and still great advice – a massive professional trader tip for the end of the Financial Year

As we count down to the end of the Australian Financial year for 2013/14, it is a crucial time for professional investors to add to their edge, and of course overall return. Every cloud has a silver lining While originating in 1634, from John Milton’s “Comus”, this expression could not be more relevant to right… Read More


Has the Hammer come down too hard on the Australian Miners?

Australian Resource stocks have been hammered recently, with share prices falling and driving the broader ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) to 2-month lows. With fear of a global economic slowdown, are Australia’s leading Mining stocks likely to fall any further? Two sectors drive the Australian stock market: Banking and Mining. While they may not be the… Read More

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