Has Online Trading much changed in 15 years?

Online Trading in 15 years Online Trading has been a substantial growth area across the retail investor landscape for 15 years. The major growth and traction came, from my own recollection, during the dot-com boom in the late 1990’s through to early 2000. New technology (remember when the internet at home was your phone line!)… Read More

Three simple steps to becoming a successful Online Investor

Becoming an Online Investor is a very simple process. And trading online has never been easier or more cost effective. But being successful with your investing means more than finding the cheapest brokerage. Here are a beginners key steps to getting started as an online investor:   1) Choose how much capital you intend to… Read More


How do you get the Gold Medal in trading – Is it skill or is it luck that leads to success?

Having just returned from a trip to London, and of course the New Years celebrations, one of the great triumphs of 2012 was the London Olympic Games.  Clearly, looking at the success of the various athletes, just like trading, little was down to skill or luck.  Instead, training, preparation and of course focus on the… Read More

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