Starting small and making it big: Three key steps in making money short-term trading

Every day there are traders sitting at home, trading the markets, and making money. There are just as many who have lost money in the markets too! But the dream of taking a small trading account and turning it into a fortune are the dreams of many. In this article, we will take a look… Read More


The core reason why you should be using EasyTrade to help you

As you may have read, I am currently in Europe, and other than desperately trying not to put on weight with the volume of rich food on offer, it has also provided a time out to look at many things with fresh eyes. New isn’t always better As with the markets, architecture provides a strong… Read More


Three things Europe must do to bring itself out of the recession

Having had a couple of weeks to look around and get a feel for the place, it is easy to see why people fall in love with European summer. Long days, longer evenings, perfect temperatures and history around just about every corner, it is paradise. However, paradise for a holiday but what about the underlying… Read More

CBA +47.23% gross Profit in 28 days using a Bear Call Spread Strategy

This Trade recommendation for Commonwealth Bank of Australian (ASX:CBA) +47.23% gross Profit in 28 days using a Bear Call Spread Option Strategy [jw_player file=”″ image=”” height=”330″ width=”590″ autoplay=”false”] Click Here To Receive Free Trade Recommendations We entered a Bear Call spread on CBA on 27th Aug, selling into strength, as we expected to see CBA… Read More


Why use multiple trading strategies?

Trading strategies I often sit back and view the market, consider how various trades are performing, and more importantly how the trading strategies themselves are holding up in response to an ongoing and frequently changing economic backdrop. Running a busy trading floor provides a real life, real time laboratory for creating opportunity and harnessing literally… Read More


Can you profit from a falling market with a Covered Call?

Covered calls have always been associated with being the go to strategy for a rising and sideways market.  As we may have entered into a consolidation phase, and a pull back in Europe, the issue of what next becomes a critical question for all traders and investors. Can you profit from a falling market with… Read More


Trading Covered Calls on the US Market. Why I believe it is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Managing the balance between Risk and Reward is the blight of every trader and investor. The Covered Call strategy, or Buy Write, is one of the key strategies professionals use to manage Risk. And the US markets provide us with one of the most dynamic environments that are ideally suited for the Covered Call strategy…. Read More

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