Why people think options trading is dangerous

Why people think options trading is dangerous

Out of all the financial instruments, options seem to be the one that strikes the biggest spike in nervousness from most investors. Everyone seems to have a story of someone who lost a packet. So is options trading dangerous? I don’t think so! Ok easy to say but how do you back this up? Think… Read More


What you can learn from McDonalds and apply to today’s high tech market leader?

Last week I shared some of the research findings from my trip to the US. I mentioned, in passing Tesla Motors. Let me give you a quick heads up – and I mean quick. This machine goes from zero to 100/no points on your license in a punchy 3.2 seconds. I took it for a… Read More


Could you imagine if a simple question could make you rethink everything you’ve ever traded for the past 20 years?

Let me ask you a question – one I just got asked myself… Have you ever felt stressed, when making an investment decision? Fair enough too – remember writing that deposit cheque out when you bought a property? Maybe a small bead of sweat as you signed it. Or perhaps when you placed your first… Read More


You snooze you lose! Why you need to be active in the markets

Investors were worried with the recent stock market ‘correction’. Some fearfully sold their stock, but have hesitated getting back in. Now, the ASX200 has rebounded more than 70% of the decline, and if you weren’t active in the markets, you have missed most of the rebound. Last weekend I spent two days with nearly 50… Read More


Self Selecting Trades versus The Model Portfolio

Many of us would consider ourselves as being quite “intelligent”. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for our own individual brilliance, we wouldn’t be where we are today. But one aspect of true intelligence (in this authors view), is to identify our own personal weaknesses, and seek the knowledge of a person who can provide… Read More

Enjoying the benefits of the leading Options Trading Course Australia

For those that follow the stock markets closely, the past month or two has seen nervousness rise, with events in Crimea, North Korea and Turkey all turning up the heat, in terms of geo-politics. For some, this has meant pulling on the crash helmet and getting in the bunker. However, not for those who have… Read More

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