Asylum Seekers or lunatics taking over the asylum? – Look at your petrol bill, if you really want to go nuts!

Being a Friday morning, looking forward to the weekend and listening to some funky Friday music, the very useful light that tells you to fill your car with fuel came on. How on earth would we manage without being so “nannied”, I often wonder? $175 later, my Friday morning continued on. But hang on, lets… Read More


Gold Price Predictions Mid 2013 – 2014 Report

Our mid year Gold Price Prediction. In December last year we published a report on potential future gold price movements. The following is from the final paragraph of our December article. “So to take a stand and pick a direction, purely because contrarians are remembered, I will go out on a limb and say $1,200… Read More


Apple Crumble?

Last night’s move in Apple’s share price – a drop of 12.4% to US$450.50 shows just how flighty the investment community is toward the stock, especially in the post Jobs era. However, what does this really mean? Well for holders of the stock, without a stop in place, it probably was a nose bleed, but… Read More


Gold Price Forecast 2013

Our gold price forecast 2013 Gold is and has definitely been one of the hottest and most watched commodities of the past 5 years. Since late 2007 gold has stolen much of the limelight after breaking the 1980 record high of approximately $850 an ounce and running well past $1,000 an ounce today. Many a… Read More


Crude Oil Price Forecast 2013

The world’s most heavily traded commodity is a key part of any trading or economic outlook. So this is our Crude Oil Price Forecast for 2013. Given it is used for so many aspects of everyday life, from transport to manufacturing and just about everything in between, Crude oil represents a massive building block in… Read More

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