Imagine if your entire retirement plan left you dead broke because you were told a lie?

Is the passive buy and hold strategy a myth? Let me ask you a very simple question. Have you ever been told by your financial advisor, planner or other guru not to worry “just take the long term view” and she’ll be right? This could literally be a “six word death sentence” for your investments… Read More


How to Enjoy the benefits of work

Over the past few weeks, the spotlight has shifted to the area of job security across many sectors, ranging from the car industry, manufacturing and of course, Qantas. Work hard at school, get a good job is the advise all our parents probably gave us and that is of course a sound strategy, albeit based… Read More


Imagine if you were next on the redundancy list?

Over the past few months, one of the most sensitive issues facing the Australian workforce has been Job Security. Getting a regular income is something that we all perhaps can take for granted and the prospect of that income ceasing, due to any factor is very unsettling. Worse still, this is an increasingly common scenario… Read More

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