Tesla Stock Market News

Has Tesla NASDAQ:TSLA hit a big bump in the road?

One of my favourite trading stocks, and products for that matter, is Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA). The California based electric car business really leads the pack in so many ways. Its products are safe – the Tesla X being one of the safest cars on the road today. They also have a very low environmental… Read More

Trading Woolworths on the ASX

Woolworths Shares – How a “safe” portfolio stock cost investors almost a 40% loss on their investments and they probably don’t even know

Imagine if you blindly held Woolworths shares… Health and wealth can sometimes be closely linked. In fact there are many parallels between the two things most people wish for. To be on the front foot, health wise, as we get older, regular check ups ensure if there is a problem, it is found early and… Read More


Apple Crumble?

Last night’s move in Apple’s share price – a drop of 12.4% to US$450.50 shows just how flighty the investment community is toward the stock, especially in the post Jobs era. However, what does this really mean? Well for holders of the stock, without a stop in place, it probably was a nose bleed, but… Read More

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