Will Alibaba’s IPO cause the US stock market to fall?

There has been much anticipation for the upcoming IPO of Alibaba – a (currently) privately owned Internet based e-commerce business resembling eBay/Amazon/PayPal/Google. It is a Chinese based business, which has expanded phenomenally as consumers in China have gained more and more access to the internet and online consumer shopping. But will its upcoming IPO cause… Read More


How to Buy Shares in the Stock Market

Wondering how to buy shares in the stock market? Would you like to know how to invest in the market, but fear losing money as you have never bought shares before? In this article, we take a look at the 6 key points that will guide you to buying shares in the stock market. What… Read More


Confidence is a funny thing. What are the Stock markets doing right now and why?

The world’s stock markets are running – Pamplona style, with the bulls.  Money has been pouring back into the market for about 6 months now. Much has been pointed toward investor confidence increasing, and the outcome of that confidence has been a return to stock markets.  According to the bastion of all knowledge, Wikipedia, Confidence is… Read More

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