Market Turmoil

How to remain a profitable stock market investor, even in times of market turmoil…

Making money from the stock market has nothing to do with forecasting, it has everything to do with responding! Turbulent times that we have recently witnessed have really shaken things up. Prices have moved down, many investors’ confidence has been shattered and if you believe the media, the World is getting sucked down the “plug… Read More


Hedge your stock portfolio against a market crash

Investment decisions are normally made based on an emotional response. As a professional advisor, I need to remove all emotion in the decision making process. To do this, having a broad understanding of how the stock market works helps alleviate uncertainty. But having an in-depth knowledge of the available strategies provides a course of action… Read More


How to get paid while you sleep!

This is an interesting headline and the sort of thing that many people view as being passive income. However, on considering this a little more, there are a few investment strategies that effectively work this way. With the stock market back at record highs, many are back out there, promoting all sorts of systems for… Read More

Don’t panic, stick to your Trading Strategies

Don’t panic, stick to your Trading Strategies. The problem with the modern world of investing and trading is that the internet provides everyone with access to see live market prices from computers, iPads, and Smart Phones. What this does, is make them question their trading strategies as they react to short-term price fluctuations. The key is… Read More


Trading Strategies that work

Trading Strategies that work. I’ve heard numerous clients and colleagues over the last 18-months describing how the current markets are the hardest they have experienced in a decade. One of the key lesson’s I’ve learnt in nearly 15 years as an analyst is that no matter what the markets are doing, you have no control… Read More

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