If you own shares that are worth less than what you paid, you really need to read this…

With the end of the Australian Financial Year, June 30th, just around the corner, many investors are looking to get the most out of the opportunity it presents for gaining benefit right now. And if you are currently holding shares on the ASX that are lower than the price you have purchased them, there are… Read More


Time in, or Timing the stock market. What’s the best approach for you?

Picking stocks at their bottoms, and selling at high prices is the ambition, or should we state dream, of every investor. More so, even those who do not have money in the stock market dream of making ‘easy’ money by picking winners. Whether that is with the lottery, horse races or sports events. This conjures… Read More

Happy New Financial Year

View Video – Click Here to Register for the Butterfly Strategy This is generally a great time of year to review, refine and reload in order to best position yourself for the next round of opportunities. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long. Ok so what opportunity is this? The upcoming earning season, starting next week… Read More


The Butterfly Effect – A Play on Earnings Announcements

View Video To participate in the Butterfly Strategy Register Here “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in brazil set off a tornado in Texas?” Edward Lorenz. In Chaos Theory, the butterfly effect is a term used to describe how small changes to a seemingly unrelated thing or condition can affect large, complex systems. This… Read More


How to get paid while you sleep!

This is an interesting headline and the sort of thing that many people view as being passive income. However, on considering this a little more, there are a few investment strategies that effectively work this way. With the stock market back at record highs, many are back out there, promoting all sorts of systems for… Read More


Investment strategy for 2013, what’s going on in Investment Management?

Quite simply after a couple of years sitting in cash, fixed interest and bonds, the appetite for the share market is returning. Based on a recent Investment Management survey conducted by HSBC,


A more lucrative investment strategy for you in 2013

As we all get back into the swing of the new year, getting our New Year’s resolutions underway or better yet, sustained can present its challenges!  For many, their focus has been on money and their investment strategy for 2013. One area that caught my attention last weekend, while reading the weekend papers, was the… Read More

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