Have you made your $2.17m yet? – Cost of Living in Australia

Apparently, this is the average cost of living for an Australian from the Cradle to the Grave according to an article I read on I quote “Using ABS research and economic analysis, the figure estimates just how much money goes into keeping us happy and healthy for our average life expectancy, which is nearing… Read More


The mining tax shortfall

The mining tax shortfall – Why you can spend money when you have it, but not when the cheque is in the post This morning, I was taking a look at my Bloomberg screen, over breakfast, and noted the big kafuffle over the Mining Tax and lack of money coming into the Federal coffers from… Read More


Australian Tax Rates – ANZ Bank Profit and Taxing Economic Recovery

Australian Tax Rates – Taxing the Economic Recovery This week has seen further reference to the issues facing the current government as they face an up hill slog going into the election. Earlier in the week I referenced the budget deficit and now focus is shifting on where some “smash and grab” tax collections can… Read More

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