Gold 2013 Quarterly Progress Report

Looking back to our June half-yearly gold report we would like to review our theory of coming price direction and see where we are currently in relation to gold prices and review the fundamentals we were watching. In the June report we wrote, “With a move above 1,325 prices could run back up to the… Read More


Do you want to play Chess or Checkers?

Last week’s article on the US Presidential election prompted some interesting feedback! The odds on President Obama winning have come in a touch – now paying 4/9 (was last week sitting at 4/11 on).  Over the years, I have seen many traders and investors alike, fall foul of the notion of trading from the heart. … Read More


The race for the White House

The ebb and flow of the incredibly long run in to the US Presidential election is approaching the pointy end. While the challenger, Mitt Romney, gained traction after the first Presidential debate, a strong performance from President Obama, on Tuesday, propelled him further ahead. Just looking at the odds, 4/11 odds on, in favour of… Read More

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