What are the advantages of options trading?

For some investors, options trading is something they never truly enjoy the benefits of for multiple reasons. Most of this centres around have a lack of understanding on how to use these powerful instruments properly. When asked the question posed above, as I have been many times, my response is simple. Imagine the stock market… Read More


Options Trading Strategies – what is the Risk vs what you think it is?

Over the hundreds if not now, thousands of presentations I have done around the World, the understanding of what is risk, versus what people think it is, has been a central theme to almost each and every one and in particular when it comes to Options Trading Strategies. Earlier today, I did an interview with… Read More


Can you profit from a falling market with a Covered Call?

Covered calls have always been associated with being the go to strategy for a rising and sideways market.  As we may have entered into a consolidation phase, and a pull back in Europe, the issue of what next becomes a critical question for all traders and investors. Can you profit from a falling market with… Read More

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