As an owner of a multi-national financial services firm and professional trader, Andrew was able to get the "inside line" on why most typical investors get chewed up and spat out, when trying to invest in the stock market.

"It was really very simple, I got to see first hand, the actual results that clients from many other stock market educators were getting, and they were not good! So I made a decision right there and then, to help everyday Australians byteaching them, based on my experience, a strategy which does actually work and stacks the odds in their favour"

Hi, I'm Andrew!

I started my trading career more than 24 years ago and over the years have done literally millions and millions of dollars worth of trades and transactions.

Around 17 years ago I decided to walk away from my career in the City of London, the global hub of trading and investing, moving to Australia to enjoy massive lifestyle shift.

It was a far cry from the testosterone of the London Trading Floor, but do you know something, the conservative strategy I use and, what I will teach you, pulls in Cashflow On Demand, Month in and Month out or even Weekly, if you prefer. These days, when not hanging out with my Wife and kids, I am dedicated to helping others achieve better investment returns and enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams.

With no need to sit in front of a screen all day, I've distilled my 24 years plus of successful trading experience into an easy to follow training program. I invite you to come and attend my next training presentation.

Andrew Baxter

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* I know those numbers are big and perhaps more than what you would expect. This is what we, in the industry refer to as Call Premium and we will explain this in more detail at the training. Eg lets say you own shares in Fortescue, at say 6.42, and by following this strategy, you could earn that upfront 16c per share income - that is 2.5% paid up front into your account - sure of course there are some conditions, and again, we will explain these in more detail at the training