55 year old man trades the financial markets while out at sea

For Colin R., a full-time tradesman, and father, life can get pretty hectic.

With working at sea for long periods of time, he sure has his hands full.

And yet, he’s able to trade covered calls in his own managed super. Despite previously burned in the markets when he first started.

And even though he’s made a couple of mistakes along the way. He’s managed to develop a system that is really working for him… so much so that he’s hoping to retire in a few years. So he can hop into a caravan and drive around Australia with his partner – something they are looking forward to.

This is his story…

I started thinking about trading about 6 years ago.

Working at sea full time, I’m bringing home a good income, but I was looking for a way to create other sources of income, particularly for when I retire.

This was the catalyst for me to start looking around for a way to start investing and creating wealth in a way that didn’t depend on me working so hard in the future.

My First Attempt At Trading – You Live & You Learn!

At first, I was really only thinking about trading by myself after work.

So this is how I got started, then one time I am out at sea and I couldn’t get out of a trade, and by the time I hadd got back to port it was too late I had lost all my money.

It was really hard because I had started making some good money, and I had started building my confidence. But with that one bad trade, I ended up losing it all. That shook me up quite a bit.

At that point I realised this probably wasn’t going to work and it wasn’t going to get me the results I was looking for and I set about learning everything I could about trading – attending every trading seminar I could find and reading plenty of finance magazines and reports.

Finding a program that worked

That’s when I came across Jason Baeck from the AIE group.

I’d been to a few seminars, but when I came across the team, and heard them describe their systems and their programs, I knew I’d found what I was looking for.

The idea that I could trade covered calls in my own self managed super fund, and they would do it all for me while I was out at sea, just made sense.

I gave the office call, and arranged a one on one with Jason. My partner and I went in to meet him, he made me feel really comfortable and he knew what he was talking about.

I decided to trade in my super, and with the help of Jason as my broker from then, I was able to get back on track (which is great because I didn’t want to miss certain opportunities in the market because I was out at sea).

The way I work with Jason, is the easiest thing in the world. We make a good team, I’m comfortable working with him, all I need is a 2-minute call with him everyday. He’s takes all the pressure off me so I can concentrate on doing what I love. That’s as easy as it gets.

Coming up next…

I’m 55 now so I have about 5 more years left of working.

I’ve told Jason, that I want to be able to have enough money in my super so that I can earn a monthly profit that live off as I travel around Australia in a caravan and still be able to re-invest the other half into the markets.

It’s great news for my partner and I… I’m really looking forward to what the future holds.

We can help you

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