Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

Discover How to Make Money
from the Stock Market

Step-by-Step Approach • Easy to Understand • Earn Immediate Income

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Gary Thompson: I’ve done several programs throughout my 20 years of playing in the markets. And Andrew has it specifically tied down where someone can really do this and make money at it

Gary Thompson, Newport Beach, CA

Greg Higgins: It’s been a good experience. And the first three months were phenomenal – beyond my wildest dreams as to how well I was doing.

Greg Higgins, Townsville

Sue Castano: Give it a go, it’s a professional operation. And there’s a lot of support. Also start slowly with minimum risk,
it’s a fantastic opportunity.

Sue Castano, Brisbane

Learn how to trade

Learn how to trade

Discover how to implement our lower risk Cashflow On Demand Strategy to generate a second income.
Trader coaching and support

Trader coaching and support

Enjoy the benefits of ongoing support and coaching, helping you fast track to sustainable trading success.
Recommendations and advice

Recommendations and advice

Leverage off our professional traders’ knowledge and skills while you are building up your own.

We don’t just teach you how to trade, we teach you how to make money from trading

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What makes AIE so different?

We trade exactly what we teach, and we teach exactly how we trade!

At our very core is the belief that a better financial future is possible for just about anyone, and this belief has held true since we started educating every day Australians, way back in 1999. Since then, we have had the privilege of helping tens of thousands of people enjoy a richer financial future, by educating, coaching and advising on practical, “Real World” investment strategies that actually work. Click to continue reading

An increasing number of savvy people are realizing that their financial future and their retirement is really in their own hands, having seen time and time again, that many of the big financial institutions cannot be trusted. However, taking more control of your money successfully, requires education, coaching and support, as well as solid and impartial advice. Couple this with powerful tools, and individual investors can now enjoy the same competitive advantage that the big guys have had for years.

We provide a start to finish, turn-key solution for everyday people who are either looking to invest or trade the stock market successfully, or looking for peace of mind and more control over their trading and investing. Unlike most educators, AIE offers an extensive range of ongoing support, coaching, mentoring and advisory services. Our education programs are not the finish line, they are where our partnership with you begins. We provide a unique and totally seamless integration from start to finish – with our education and support meshing with our easy to use and highly competitive brokerage facility. For our clients, this means that there are no gaps in their trading journey – making the AIE process one of the easiest ways to get started in the markets. We are not in business with our clients, we are in partnership. Check out our market leading services and discover how we can help you enjoy a richer financial future.
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Greg B, QLD: The Summit has been a memorable event. And would have to rate as the best of its type I have ever attended.
I intend to make the most of it.

Greg B QLD

Jennifer H, VIC: Thank you for the event last night. It was most informative and you came across
as a very genuine person. And as promised you didn’t use any jargon.
All easy to understand.

Jennifer H VIC

Thanks a lot for the great results! I really appreciate it your awesome service and market performance.

Lukas C QLD

We have done very well the last couple of months trading, so I would like to thank You and the team for your help and direction, Kim and I are feeling the confidence growing – we have been trying to get on board with trading for about 5 yrs, and it was not until we hitched up with you guys that somebody actually started to make us some money so we very much have to thank you.

Kim and Dawn VIC

Your Options Education material is superb.


I would like to thank you for a good and productive day yesterday. I found it excellent to regain the focus, enthusiasm and choice the market offers.
Your effort and leadership is much appreciated.

Linda B QLD

I thought you had to be on Wall Street to do this kind stuff, I didn’t know I could do it myself.

Miranda D QLD

“I praise your professionalism as a group. I am glad I pressed “join” on the web site.”

Lambros M VIC

Happy Friday. Good work on TXT – another banked profit!

Lukas C QLD

I highly recommend this course (Mindset Mastery) to any trader who wants a professional career in trading! Very well taught by a highly qualified teacher and the content is very clear, deep and engaging. It gave me a deep understanding of psychology, record keeping and planning/journaling, which are more important then strategies. Thanks Andrew for this course.


This course (Mindset Mastery) went into in-depth trade plan development and self mastery which is critical in taking the speculative/shotgun tendencies out of your trade and turning your trading into a long term business. A MUST class in my opinion. AND do the work that is being asked of you! Great insight!

Victoria K USA

Yesterday, I just went through a little bit of your very first presentation and letting you know – I am impressed. You are a Great Teacher!!!!


Trader of the month


Trader of the Month is our community award for those that are kicking the goals they set for their trading.

    Our mission is not to teach people to trade, it is to teach people how to make money from their trading, and this hightly coveted award reflects that. it’s not about who makes the most money, it’s about who is building a sustainable model that will help them achieve their long term financial objectives. View Our Trader Of The Month

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and
Start Winning in the Market Place Free course