How to avoid the pain of the “new norm” and enjoy income on your terms

How to avoid the pain of the “new norm” and enjoy income on your terms
How to avoid the pain of the “new norm” and enjoy income on your terms

Today’s world is all about convenience, perhaps to have a better quality life, or instead to try and cram more in.  Unfortunately being busy has become the “new norm” for so many people – longer working days. As your home life now includes work emails, greater accessibility and of course, the follow up call where heaven forbid. You haven’t dropped everything and immediately replied to an email!

Add into that travel, use of car time to catch up on messages and the ever-present Facebook and you are really starting to spread yourself thin.  And I haven’t mentioned husband/wife, the kids, dog walking, gym, dinner and just maybe some downtime!!

The cost of being busy

Over the past week and a half, I have had a Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Home, Sydney, Home and back to Perth schedule.  Perhaps it is getting older or perhaps being more guarded or selective with how I spend my time. But I did take a few hours on one of the many flights to reflect on all of this.

In the past – and I am no stranger to intense travel like this – maintaining trading activity, rather like a gym schedule, tends to go out of the window for most.  The disruption of being in the air, on the ground, hotel wifi, airport lounge and check-ins/town cars, etc can really make it all too hard.  Lucky I own a broking business!

However, typically, the net effect – let’s just put that to one side and pick it back up, once home!

Imagine if this time it was different

Well, I don’t have to imagine, it was.  A couple of weeks ago, we rolled out our Trading App and taking pretty much every trade, which I do, I was able to not only be informed as to what was going on, behind the scenes for each trade. But I was also able to place plenty of new trades in a very simple and convenient way.  Most importantly, I was able to grow my account, literally, while spending a few minutes considering markets.

Redefining the new norm on your terms

Having finger tip access to markets, no need to log into a trading platform and the ability to select and place trades is my new norm – and not just mine as an increasing number of our clients are using this to trade – creating income opportunities for them with very low time input and the ultimate in convenience.

As for the travel aspect – no biggie – back from Perth on Sunday morning and then on Friday, off to Milan.  This could be a very interesting trip, given the state of the European economy. My Wife’s un-paralleled shopping prowess and my mobile ability to generate income. I reckon there could be an interesting case study in what is the new norm!

If you want to access the app, click here

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