If you believe in what the statistics say, have a desire to make more money or want a competitive edge, then you absolutely must read this…

If you believe in what the statistics say, have a desire to make more money or want a competitive edge, then you absolutely must read this…
If you believe in what the statistics say, have a desire to make more money or want a competitive edge, then you absolutely must read this…
If you believe in what the statistics say, have a desire to make more money or want a competitive edge, then you absolutely must read this…

If you believe in what the statistics say, have a desire to make more money or want a competitive edge, then you absolutely must read this: Ok so statistics get mixed coverage – good, bad, indifferent and boring so let’s get into this straight away. Most analysts look for trends in the markets – attempting to seek out that edge, that opportunity, that shred of extra information that can help their clients benefit and here is one, that just about any savvy investor, anyone that has even the remotest interest in cashing in on, will appreciate.

If something worked and made money over and

over again would you ignore it?

If you are an investor, trader or anyone with a pulse, probably not! Some out there – the conspiracy theorists and what not, get suspicious and, of course from a compliance perspective, we all know that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Charts show us patterns that recur over time

And by observing these closely, you can often enhance your potential for making returns from your trades. Nothing new here, after all, technical analysis is so well known these days, that you are probably the odd one out if you don’t use it.

But what about other big events?

From my early days in the London trenches, my trading team spent hours searching out triggers for market moves – ones we could jump on and make a killing for our clients.

One of the bigger ones was the Presidential cycle in the US. For example, from 1950 to 2004 (I did say my early days!) the most favourable period to invest, based on the S&P500, was between October 1st of the second year, through to December 31st of the fourth year.

FACT, and one that is well worth noting.

Obama’s second term as President

President Obama’s second term as President of the United States commenced on the 6th November 2012. Based on the above, we should be in the sweet spot for making money, if we consider what has happened historically.

Conditions are ripe, right now…

Looking at markets, the Australian market has already posted 9.1% year to date gain, perhaps making up for last year’s lacklustre performance, while in the US is languishing at up between 2 and 3% depending on which index you go to.

In our Outrageous Market Predictions 2015, we stated our expectations for the year would be a good one, for equities. With the fall in energy prices and problems in Europe, the case for long US equities remains extremely compelling. Our recent trading in that market has demonstrated this, with good profits banked.

Still not convinced and need a further confirmation

that the stars are aligned?

Ok so from a rational basis, the economics stack up in favour of a strong run in US equities. Equally, the historical performance within the US Presidency is also stacking up as a strong tailwind for markets.

Timing is everything

From my research trip to Chicago, a few weeks ago, I disclosed the timing that we were looking at, in terms or when the market was going to really fire up – and that is just coming round the bend…

Again, all stacking up nicely to provide an opportunity for those in the know and those that are doing; to potentially make a packet.

So what else would help you make a decision to get started

and have the potential to make some cash?


…How about a Goat?

And no, that’s not a typo!

We have just entered the Chinese Lunar year of the Goat. Looking back historically, it has been, time and time again one of the strongest Lunar years to make money from the stock market. I had a quick look at this – apparently the US equity market, as measured by the S&P500, jumps by an historical average of 26% in the year of the Goat.

I’m not kidding (boom boom; that is a Dad joke!)

One of the best questions ever asked

The other day, I was speaking at a Convention, and at the end of the day, as part of the Millionaire Panel, the audience asked us a series of questions. All the usual stuff – you know, biggest life lesson, who you admire, who are your mentors and so on. Good questions and great insights for the attendees.

Toward the end, someone in the audience asked me something and it has really stuck with me all week, and you know who you are, when you read this. The question was:

“Reflecting on your life, how would you like to remember yourself?”

Very philosophical and this answer applies to just about every element of life. My answer was:

“As someone that made the most of every opportunity they were given, and if the opportunity wasn’t given, create one.”

So here is an opportunity I have created for you

Whether you take advantage of this, is a matter for you and frankly won’t make a material difference either way for me. It could though, for you.

I would like to personally invite you to see:

  • Exactly the investment strategy and the exact trades that I am using right now
  • My outlook for the trading year ahead, giving you a clear game plan to enjoy
  • You will be shown how to know exactly when to get in and out, helping you with trade timing
  • Plus a range of other critically important investment decision making sign posts that may steer you away from trouble and boost your confidence, massively


This has no cost

In other words you don’t need to pay to come along. Invest two hours of your time with me – and I reckon you will be glad you did.

Next week I will be live and in your City – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to go through everything and more I have talked about.

Just some of what you will learn will include:

  •  The potential to set you up for a lifetime with investing success
  • A more passive income
  • Greater control of your finances
  • The ability to generate additional upfront and immediate income.

Of course, if you don’t need any of this and you already have all the cash you need, then great, save yourself 2 hours and enjoy My Kitchen Rules!

However, with another interest rate cut around the corner, just be careful that you aren’t playing the “game of money” with an out-dated game plan.

So why risk that?

Hit the series link on Foxtel and come along to the event– that way; you won’t miss a thing from Pete and Manu, or from the market.

In fact, by coming along, there is one thing you may just miss out on, which I reckon you may be happy about. By coming along, you might just miss out on retiring on a small pension that doesn’t give you the standard of living that you want.

I look forward to meeting you personally.





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