Dinner with the President of the United States of America?

Dinner with the President

Dinner with the President of the United States of America? Every day, for the past 20 years I receive a tonne of research from traders, analysts, commentators. Fund managers and brokers with their “take on the market”

Most get auto filed in the trash (thank you MacBook) some get a scan and there is one I read religiously. Every day and have done for years.

Which one, I hear you ask?

The one written by my good friend and fellow industry veteran John Thomas. Known as the Mad Hedge Fund Trader, in some circles.

John’s newsletter leverages off two things – experience and relationships. He has both in spades and I am not talking about Facebook relationships. I am talking about the real power brokers of the world.

I took John for dinner. A couple of weeks ago in Brisbane and while the food was great (as always, thanks Aria) the conversation was predictably outstanding. Amongst many things from Tesla to China, we also got onto politics and the US economy (John is an economic advisor to President Obama). The insight gained was huge, as has been our trading on the back of it.

How can you share in his insights, views and trades?

Trust me when I say that John is worth listening to.

In fact, see and hear for yourself. John has been kind enough to host an interactive webinar live for our clients here in Australia.

You will hear first hand his candid views on where the global economy is headed. More importantly where the profitable trading opportunities are, and critically how you can be at position yourself to be on them. What’s more, John will share with you his track record, after all life is about relationships. But trading is all about the numbers. Talking with him the other day. He tells me currently 14% for the year to date, on the back of a stellar 68% last year.

Dinner with the President

As for Dinner with the President – yep John has – several times with several Presidents. He even got the invite to President Obama’s inauguration.

This is an exclusive for our clients with my good friend doing me a favour and I know it will have a huge impact on every investment decision you make from that day on.

Live Session

The session will be Live on Tuesday 6th May at 7pm Sydney time and here is the link.

Drop everything and get to this, as it is not often that John opens the books and this is your opportunity to see the markets from the inside out.

Register Here For The Live Session

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