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For those that follow the stock markets closely, the past month or two has seen nervousness rise. And with events in Crimea, North Korea and Turkey all turning up the heat, in terms of geo-politics. For some, this has meant pulling on the crash helmet and getting in the bunker. However, not for those who have attended our Options Trading Course Australia.

These times of volatility are what skilled, trained options traders look for and love. I guess it’s a bit like is the cup half full or half empty!


Allow me to explain. Volatility is one of the Greeks – the complex mathematical components that go into an option’s pricing. It is a major element of what we look for in certain strategies. As a rule of thumb – again something we teach at our Live Options Trading Course – is during times of low volatility (where you expect it to rise), traders should look to buy options – volatility being low and rising should help push the price of the option up.

Equally, where volatility is high, selling premium can be far more rewarding – as your income is relatively higher. For some, what I have just written here, probably sounds like gibberish. However, once you learn this kind of skill, you have effectively cracked a major part of the code – timing.


When we talk about real estate, its location, location, location. For trading, it’s timing, timing, timing! More importantly, from a trading perspective, by understanding and applying this knowledge, you are taking a dramatic and direct step in actually improving your probability of success, even more.


At AIE, we teach our clients a variety of different strategies, that over time we have developed. Each of these is used to capitalise on certain events in the market – more volatility, less volatility, strong moves up or down or barely a move up or down. By accessing these, having the potential to use the strategy best suited to the market’s conditions, your odds of success have dramatically improved. Think about it from a golf perspective:

If you tried to play around using one club (trading with one strategy) you are going to struggle. Sometimes the club will be just right, but much of the time, it won’t be appropriate for what you are trying to do. Try using a putter to get out of the bunker!!

Trading is the same – selecting a strategy to suit the market at the time is key. At our live options trading course, we teach our clients this in far more detail. In fact, over 2 full days, mixed between practical exercises, discussion and through following real trades, our graduates are in a great position to see the market for the opportunity it presents, and how to be best tackle it for profit.

It is often said that life is all about choices – the question is, would you prefer your glass to be half full, or half empty??

Options Bootcamp

Having delivered this sort of information to literally thousands of everyday investors, from our perspective, one of the most rewarding elements that we get from our live options trading course is seeing people actually grow in confidence and understanding. Instead of being nervous about the market, they are acquiring the skills to profit from the market – almost irrespective of what it serves up.

Even more rewarding is hearing what our clients have to say about the event. Helping people grow in their knowledge and understanding is what this all about – delivered in a friendly, fun and safe learning environment. Why not come along and perhaps you could be our next trading success story?

Bootcamp Invitation

If you would like the opportunity to attend one of our Options Bootcamps and see how you could potentially be making more from your trading and investing click here.

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