How do you get to enjoy the very latest in trading technology?

Trade Recommendations Service iPhone Application
AIE Trade Recommendation Service Mobile App

The business of trading and investing has not really changed since the Dow Jones first changed way back in 1896. Buy low, sell high and make a profit!

What has changed beyond recognition,
Is the way trading is conducted.

When I started my career, open outcry – floor based trading – was still the mainstay across the Futures markets. For stocks, electronic screen based quotes were only just coming to the fore, and all trade execution was done over the phone through the central trading desk and then flashed through on the green monochrome screen.

With faster internet, screen based trading has gone from strength to strength, offering vast benefits to all traders, in terms of speed of execution and costs. For the nostalgic out there, check out the movie Floored, if you really want to see what has happened to floor trading!

Within the derivatives space, even combination trades such as spreads are also possible on retail trading platforms – a great leap.

Greater Risks

However, while there are platforms that can accept these orders, the risks are greater ie you the client are placing the trades and more than likely using leverage. That means a fat finger (hitting the wrong button) costs you money and potentially a lot of money. Equally, with all the extra features and contingent orders, there is more to learn (and forget) when it comes to using the platform.

SMS Alerts

Some time ago – almost 5 years ago, now, we introduced our SMS alerts to the market – making it timely and quick for our clients to respond to trade recommendations. While this received a great reception from our clients, nothing stands still!

Trade Me

The next generation came along 18 months ago, and saw us introduce Trade Me – the ability for you to place your trades, in the size you want, without the execution risk, using our revolutionary service. Simple, quick and just three clicks – without the need to open up your trading platform. This has also proved popular for those on the go and wanting discrete, quick and easy to use execution.

Look out – it’s coming!

So our next generation trade alert service is coming – to quote the great Johnny Cash, its “rolling round the bend!” Here is a sneak peak…

It is App based, so wherever you have your smart phone or tablet, you have your trading business. You will be able to select the strategies you wish to trade or indeed receive your own customised alerts.

You will be able to watch the trade video, learn more about the trade and its details, and of course, be able to “Trade Me”. It really doesn’t get much easier, more intuitive and most importantly giving you finger tip control, and no risk on trade execution.

Watch this space – and to again quote Mr Cash, our development team “haven’t seen the sunshine, since I don’t know when!” They are hard at it, to make your trading life even easier!

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