How a 27 year old Aussie bloke made one very simple decision to accelerate retirement and has never looked back



Most 27 year old guys are out there exploring all that life has to offer. Traveling, partying and living in the moment feature pretty high on the typical list of priorities.

Thinking about the future – well that can wait!

Take Lukas, for example, like most of his peers, he is enjoying his life, living in the moment. He is travelling and working overseas, doesn’t mind a beer and is pretty much your typical Aussie.

Except one thing. And that is while doing all that, the colourful stuff, he is also building into his retirement, very successfully.

You see, for a small time input – in Lukas’ case, 5-10 minutes per month – he is building his investments up consistently, with lower levels of risk and ultimately, in a way where he will probably have a far better retirement than most people.

But how?

Lukas hopped on board our education and coaching program. Unlike the common misbelief that the stock market is “for the wealthy only”, he started small, which is exactly how we like our clients to begin with us. Afterall, once your confidence grows, after a couple of trades, then trading with more money begins to make more sense – because you are feeling more confident!

The biggest challenge for Lukas, like most people, is what else could he be using the money for?

Saving up for a property is the main goal for many, but in the current market is easier said than done. Bit like chasing the wind for many people and, at the end of the day, after taking out your tax and allowing for inflation, cash at the bank is a pretty much guaranteed way to be losing money on a real basis.

So Lukas started trading with $5k to $10k and began to follow what we taught him. In fact, to save himself time, he actually uses our technology to allow him to be in the stock market but without needing to invest his most important resource, his time.

After a year or so, and quite a few trades later, his investments had began to grow nicely and he became much more confident, afterall, seeing is believing, right?

We call this the escalator process…

Take a small step onto the process, follow that process and then, as your results grow, add more dollars to the process. In fact, in his confidence had grown enough to know that by investing a little bit more cash, he could be compounding his returns and really start to build his portfolio. He then decided to add more cash to his account, giving him $40k to work with.

Lukas also decided, based on our education, that a lower risk strategy would be most suitable for him and our “Cashflow on Demand” strategy best suited his needs. More importantly, he was heading overseas to work, and needed something solid that didn’t require much of his time, especially as he was settling into a new country.

4 months on, things are continuing to track well. In that short period of time his return is sitting at a very healthy 12%, and at the same time, his time investment, has remained at 5 to 10 minutes a month.

And when you think about it, as Lukas says in his own words, “you could buy your house or hold cash at the bank, but are you going to make this sort of return?”

Have you ever said “If only I knew what I know now”?

So many of us can say this with experience. The sad thing is, time has already passed by – and you can’t get that back!

But not Lukas, that’s for sure and here is a reason why… He got started and made it happen and actually applied what he knew, not “someday, one day” but straight away.

While many people put things off, or waste time and then, only much later in life, perhaps when there is more pressure on, decide to actually do something, Lukas just got on with it and started.

Typically, life, just like markets, only reward action takers and right now is just about as good a time as any, for you to get started. Better still, the way we teach is based on a process, and anyone can learn that. Afterall, when the process is right, the results always follow!

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