Imagine earning more than $300m in your career and then BOOM – being bankrupt?

Imagine earning more than $300m in your career and then BOOM - being bankrupt?
Imagine earning more than $300m in your career and then BOOM - being bankrupt
Imagine earning more than $300m in your career and then BOOM – being bankrupt

That sounds almost impossible but it’s not. It happened and it happens!!  A few years back I had the opportunity to go on a speaking tour with none other than Mike Tyson.  Talk about an interesting week – Perhaps a chat for another time!!!  So back to Iron Mike, in his career, he earned more than $300m. And yet managed to hit -$150m – pretty big swing around, by anyone’s measure!

Mike Tyson and Andrew Baxter
Mike Tyson and Andrew Baxter

Surely this doesn’t happen regularly?

Imagine earning more than $300m in your career and then BOOM – being bankrupt? You would think such a spectacular financial catastrophe would be fairly unusual, right?  Apparently not so.  In fact, this kind of turnaround seems to happen more than you would think.  This morning I read an article this morning about the Top 25 Rich Athletes. That has gone broke and there are several tell tale signs to learn from.

But how do you make that much money and yet end up financially humiliated?

No question some of these guys were the best at what they did – boxing, ice hockey, NFL, baseball – world champions, most valued players – the real mega stars.  And here is the first problem.

When people achieve a level of success in one area of their life, they can (call it ego) tend to expect the same level of success in everything they do.  A false confidence or invincibility is projected onto all things.  Sadly, the outcome is a long way from what they expected.  Many lost money due to poor investment decisions. As well as the Rocky like story of being ripped off etc.

If you could avoid the same pitfalls, then wouldn’t you?

Ok, so that is a pretty dumb question and you and I both know the answer to it. Hell yeah, I have no desire to make those mistakes, right?

The business of investing has been described as 20% skill and 80% mindset.  As a 20 year market veteran myself, I am inclined to agree with that figure.  So why do most people just focus on the 20% if you want to be a success and avoid, like a case of Ebola, the hazards of blowing up your account?

Because the 80% is about that “woo-woo” touchy feely area called mindset, and us blokes really hate to go there!!

After all, surely it’s just about support and resistance, more indicators, a scanning tool or something else. It couldn’t possibly be us, could it?

Hmm well just maybe it could be. So if that’s the case, can it be fixed?

A few years ago, I put together a program called Mindset Mastery where I distilled my 20 years in the market. Into a concrete program that can help all kinds of investors, people just like you, manage their way more successfully through the markets.

Imagine if you had a “prescription strength” fix for your trading?

I really wanted to provide a “prescription strength” fix to those annoying hand breaks on your money making – things like procrastination, being too trigger happy, not sticking to the plan, being inconsistent, projecting bad trades onto the next opportunity, and plenty more.  The real stuff that all us investors have to deal with, when taking trades and perhaps some of the things that have been holding you back.

What would you do differently if you knew how expert traders keep it focused and make money year after year?

In fact, to round out the course, I also tapped into several of my contacts across the market – ex floor traders, fund managers, analysts and even one “salty wise old dog” with almost 50 years in the market, under his belt.  I interviewed them and asked them the sorts of questions that you would love to know the answers to.  Better yet, and on the condition of anonymity, the opened up and shared the kind of information that will simply blow you away.

How can you start enjoying a competitive advantage in the market?

I want to make this very easy for you and better yet, I want to give you this entire course – yep give it to you gratis – no cost for the course.  So here is the deal. And For a limited number – the first 50 to book in – if you take a 12 month subscription to MyTradingAdvisor, our latest advisory service, I will comp you the entire Mindset Mastery program for no charge (not applicable for existing Options Made Easy program members).

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Click here to download from the App store.

For Android version click here to download from Google Play.

Want to avoid some of the big pitfalls that have wiped billions from the accounts of some of these top superstar athletes, Got questions, want to know more, want to get a great no cost to you bonus, then Click here.

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