Imagine if what we saw in the movies really did predict the future!

Imagine if what we saw in the movies really did predict the future
Imagine if what we saw in the movies really did predict the future

Imagine if what we saw in the movies really did predict the future: Ok so you are Maverick, I can be Iceman and we can Top Gun our way down to the beach volleyball court!

Possibly not, but how much of the movies are now in real life?

 However, think a bit more broadly at some of the crazy stuff that we have seen in movies that are now reality:

  •  The Robocop helmet from 1987 vs Google Glass?
  •  The tablet in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey vs the iPad
  •  Dick Tracy’s Watch Phone vs the Samsung SmartWatch
  •  The face identity scanner from 2002 Minority Report vs any airports
  •  The electric car from many movies and the Tesla or new BMW i8 (great looking beasts!)

Ok – there are a few parallels to the real world, but how does this really affect me?

Back in the black and white days of the 1950’s, business articles and newspapers reported a new technology wave that would free up our time and make our world a more relaxed place: computers. I’m not a 100% sure that this is the case, but hey!

Now business articles report a new technology wave that will free up our time more and make our world a more relaxed place – robotics.

The potential is that robotics will Replace 80% of current middle class jobs over the next 20 years1

Which may cause the average family massive stress as the breadwinner has to reinvent themselves into a new career path at an even faster rate than ever before (think work full time and study full time)

Push up the price of ‘real’ assets like housing compared to wages. This widens the gap between the haves and have-nots.

Do you remember going into the Pharmacy and the man with the white lab coat?

Remember walking into a pharmacy with younger people working behind the front desk and the old wise “bald eagle” with the serious spectacles on the chord around his neck. Working behind the tall desk at the back? Remember how the “bald eagle” used to take 15 minutes to put a sticker on your box of pills before sternly calling your name?

There are now 2 pharmacies I’ve seen South of Brisbane with giant vending machines in place of the old wise bald eagle and his tall desk. They cost $300,000 and take 2 years to ‘pay for themselves’. And replaces another job.

The machine picks the right box, puts the label on. Drops it down a shoot to the young student working behind the front desk.

What could possibly go wrong??

How about some big boys toys?

Some of you will remember Christmas huddled over the Scalextric track (pre-pre-pre Playstation for those who have never heard of it).

These days, here in Australia. A number of mines have their enormous mining trucks totally automated and driven remotely from air-conditioned offices in Perth. This is not a future idea, this is currently in place. It’s just a matter of time before the mines not currently doing this adopt this proven technology. Particularly given spiraling wages costs.

So how can you make some money from all of this robot malarkey?

Robot trading is the area we use to do this. You see, the biggest variable in trading success is not the market. It is the trader. Will they execute their plan properly or not? Will they take the entry signal and level or mess about with it? Will they take profit at the right level or wait for some time and see what happens? Will they cut their losses or “wait another day and see what happens”?

Yep some of those things probably sound familiar, right?

The great news is that with robot trading your plan is executed perfectly each and every trade – whether you are disciplined or not. What’s more, the robot – just like in the mining sector – can handle those anti-social middle of the night hours. Watching over your markets and account, while you are sound asleep.

Last week we had a great response to our invitation to attend a robot trading one day workshop – so much so, that we have had to overspill into a second day. So as not to disappoint our readers.

Auto and robot trading continue to gain market share – why should you miss out?

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 1 http://robotenomics.com/2014/04/16/study-indicates-robots-could-replace-80-of-jobs/


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